Wilmington, North Carolina, Hurricane Florence discussed on This Morning with Gordon Deal


Unite in a lobbying effort against them. So one of the most prominent anti-terrorist industries right now is the agriculture industry day are actually the subject or they've been they've been hit by some of these retaliatory tariffs from China show. You had a lot of these groups in traditionally farm belt states in the mid west who are trying to work to their lawmakers and other avenues to oppose oppose the tariffs Wall Street Journal reporter Andy during on lobbying efforts against tariffs. He's here in about two minutes. The remnants of hurricane Florence soaked North Carolina over the weekend, cutting off the coastal city of Wilmington. Tens of thousands of homes have been damaged at least eighteen people have been killed some rivers haven't even crested yet. The national weather service says Florence downgraded to a tropical depression has dumped up to forty inches of rain on parts of North Carolina's since Thursday. Norman Bryson is director of emergency services for Onslow county. We've had people on top of the roofs of the cars, they drove into flooded roadways. We're going and picking them off the roofs of their cars with helicopters. We have had people who have been on top of their houses, we've set high clearance vehicles into areas to pull people away where the flood waters coming up. Some rivers were not expected to crest until today or tomorrow more than nine hundred people were rescued from rising floodwaters most on swift boats in Wilmington, which is a coastal city. Of about one hundred seventeen thousand people on peninsula between the Cape fear river and the Atlantic.

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