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In news radio will get to Mister Turner here in just a moment but first at seven thirty nine the aids traffic no major Salter accident I'm AT T. in the traffic center we did have a few earlier accident that really has they really have traffic tough right now into the website on each one filling your clean yes into while who brake lights your wife PO Farrington highway a great alternative to command they are highly ends it for me looking different your purchasing a vehicle motorcycle or electric vehicle traffic does subside around I yeah and then it's easier drive the rest of the way in town operate downtown Honolulu drive time fifty six minutes you wanted more kids convenience stores you got it check out the new sheets at twenty one thrill for wind mill park drive in sterling they're fully equipped to satisfy your every craving grab a bite on the go with hot and cold made to order food choose your favorite specialty coffee or frozen drink and go nuts at the ice cream and frozen yogurt wake up with sheets at twenty one three oh four windmill park drive in store is open twenty four seven three sixty five she wrote it down have you been dreaming of that new house or remodeling project can come see the dream facilitators of bank of Clark County the best in the area three let's make it happen with housing member FDIC V. H. traffic we returned to representative Turner of Ohio the on going house intelligence committee.

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