Jeffrey Gaze, Taba, President Trump discussed on No Agenda - 976: '10th Anniversary'


In other words he never seems to do this sort of thing is that guy jeff the gays the gaza the guy the guy he's re i started looking at his stuff eased really good at a hearing aid package they gotta clear pure i mitch and who had a really good anyway so jeffrey gaze of the taba listed as good guys to us listen here's a good example this is abc whipped saw fusion g ice or this is the first examine what we're talking about here with a live saw somebody you make an assertion in the package and then you and then you have a supporting clip and the way these guys are doing it to supporting clip has nothing to do with the assertion years example number one the president today said he was of the i think it's a disgrace former the president said he has a victim and then they had rising it said this guy didn't say was he was a victim no that's fantastic in fact he never said he will i do they why did they do that what is the point thrown stuff in as it do you think that really had the doing that her paris and i'm gonna use the word narrative they have a story to tell and they don't care they're not gonna let the facts get in the way you no kidding nancy quarters was a better example of this unless you're the here's a second example the same sort of thing where you have an assertion and eclipsed it doesn't back you up toast person brian fallon said the democrats did nothing raw i think it's important to remember that proposition research happens all the time and campaigns in fact.

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