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Of Nick Nemeth. President Biden will give an update on the withdrawal of US troops in Afghanistan today correspondent Rachel Sutherland reports. The process comes as militants take over more areas. With the patrol. Nearly complete. President Biden will give remarks in the situation in Afghanistan, which is growing more precarious. Afghan security forces say they've regained control of Cala in a after the Taliban tried to overrun the city Pentagon spokesman John Kirby We still believe that there is a path forward for a negotiated settlement, a peaceful political solution to this to this conflict. The president will give an update after meeting with his national security team and Vice President Kamala Harris in the situation room. At the White House. Rachel Sutherland Fox News July as military Consumer Protection Month and the Better Business Bureau is among agencies focused on the impact of fraudulent or militias. Business practices on the military. The B B B is for Worth office says the military community is a constant target. Common scams include high price military loans, veterans benefits by out plans and fake rental properties. Fallout continues from what's being called the largest global ransomware attack because of the attack on Friday, 200 businesses that use Florida based I. T company Messiah are at risk. Industry expert David Will, Lalu says the attacks are increasing and points to the recent hacking of colonial pipeline, which originates in Texas, as possibly the largest has a lot of clients that were using their software and we didn't even know we the government doesn't even know the damage. We don't even know what was stolen. Lalu is a senior consultant, a global perspective consulting in Dallas. Taking a look at the early numbers on Wall Street, the Dow was down 374 points, NASDAQ Down 214 points and the S and P. 500 down 53 points from the W B A P News desk. I'm Nicolo say you're next update is at 9 24 7 coverage at w b a p dot com.

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