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Conspiracy theory believers for a variety of cognitive reasons, and because it's also extremely social, and some people are finding fun in it. We need a coalition of reality. A coalition of truth. In our politics, because obviously there are people who are getting deluded messages and those conspiracy theories stick. There you go. All of you Trump supporters. You're delusional. Your conspiracy theorist. If you supported Trump, there's something wrong with you, and you need to be de programmed. Old by the way on the new on the cancel list. You know who might win Del Is the my pillow guy. Yeah. Yeah, He's now on the cancel list the my pillow people because well, number one. They were conservative. He wears that little gold cross around his neck on do a Zay said before. It's not just disagreeing with somebody. Cold. The store Kohl's is now on the cancel list, bed bath and beyond there now in the cancel list. Why, because they happen to sell a product in their store. Do you see where this is going? I mean, honestly, Do you understand where this is going? Yeah. I mean, maybe you need to take a trip to Venezuela and see the New America because of it keeps going like this. I disagree with that guy, therefore that that guy's gonna be eradicated. I don't know what you do with him. Just get him out of here. You know, this store in the tens of thousands of products they sell happened to sell something we disagree with. Therefore let's cancel the whole store. It's uh, but that's the left those air Democrats for you. Um Now. I said that Trump is going to remain relevant. Lou in Taos, Key has been a senior adviser to Trump has been on the show. No, I guess the cancel culture could say OK, Rick Roberts has canceled because he had Lou in Taos ski senior adviser to President Trump on his show. I mean, that makes about as much sense is what else they're doing. Trump Lou in Taos, Key said. This morning, Trump will be actively involved in the GOP and politics. Corey Glue in Taos Key. He's a longtime adviser to Trump. He said Trump intends to be active, his words actively involved in the Republican Party, and he made these comments during an interview. I think it was flocks this morning. The president continues to have enormous support from all those delusional people and approval among the Republican primary voters. He continues to have hundreds of millions of dollars. In his campaign account, which you can utilize, and he's going to continue to be actively involved in recruiting candidates and holding elected officials accountable for their votes. Those two things alone. Should make you sleep better at night. If Trump is actively involved in recruiting candidates, you know you're not going to get these go along to get along, folks. It's not gonna happen. And holding elected officials accountable. Yeah, You shouldn't doubt that at all. Lou in Taos Ski manager, hey managed Trump's 2016 presidential primary campaign. And he was an adviser for the re election campaign. Hey, said he expects all 10 House Republicans who voted to impeach Trump. Uh, to get primary challenges. Why shouldn't they? They can always flipped to the other side. They will all get primary challenges. Um, by most people's account. I don't know what what level The president's going to weigh in on each of those races, but I think he will be involved in a number of those races. Lou in Taos. Key said he does not expect Trump to start a third political party. They've talked about it. Trump this past weekend took that off the table. I don't think the president has any interest in being part of the third party. That's according to his advisor. Maggie, What's your last name? Hey, Everman or Haberman? She had tweeted out Sunday in the last 24 hours after floating through a few folks that he Was created considering creating a third party with as a way to keep Senate Republicans in line ahead of impeachment. Trump has been talked out of the third party and is making it clear to people he's not pursuing it, but he's not going anywhere, either. Hey, will be a central focus in the GOP. And you gotta think that's going to make a few geo piers unhappy or uncomfortable, because look, there's some some lazy butts on the The right side of the aisle just like the left side of the aisle. But he's not going and he's not the White House. But he's not going anywhere either. Let's go to don in south like, Don. Thank you for waiting. How you doing? I'm good, Rick. Thanks for taking my call. I enjoy your show amongst others their conservative look, I'd like to make a couple of points. One is a comparison between what's going on now and what what is going on in Germany in 19 thirties and before I get off, I'd like to make a second point. But I'm a student of Winston Churchill's time. And it when Hitler and the Nazis took over Germany in the 19 thirties. It was they did it with storm troopers have been in addition to that. You never got another line, no matter what point you were in Germany. If you were lonely person or a middle person in the ranks, no one ever got online and there were consequences. Well, that was that the National Socialist Party. Well, now we have the Democratic Socialist Party. Very similar thing, except they're not using stormtroopers and except for that guy down in Florida who just got arrested. So what they're in the Democratic Party. No one gets out of line at any level because they fear the consequences. They fear the consequences from the democratic But the problem is, the problem is on the other side. There are there have been no consequences to the Democrats zero The whole 2016 17 18 No one. So I hear these radio shows your show, which I think is great. I listened to Tucker are here, Tucker. I hear I hear rush. You know it and and marched on all these guys and this great on the words, But I would like what the conservative side to figure out a way to make the other side actually pay. Let's see so physical Let's see some physical consequences that by physical I don't necessarily mean violence. But there's first. Let me give the example they take the teachers union in Chicago, Okay, they don't want to go in there, cut off their pay. If you cut off their pay, and if the above people above that the people that send your kids to school of object if they're paying property taxes, don't let those teachers get one nickel while they stay out. There's got to be other ways that are peaceful to make these consequences. You know? Look at all the FBI people we get is that that that were involved in this trump that what? Where has any of them gone to one of many of going to jail? They have not So getting back. This is just in there. The consequences in Nazi Germany. They Nazi Germany was on Lee taken down. When it got the war. Hitler. Not going toward God only knows how long he'd have been in power in this country..

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