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You know and you're right not just a photo op or like tweeted apology contribution to legal fund or something that's that's that's okay but it's gotta come with a lot of other stuff that could either again it could either be visible or invisible but i really want it to be happening at that's my that's my wish i just read hillbilly elegy and i was thinking that roseanne show was sort of resonating with that and you know that's a good and proper place for programming on tv share and hillbilly elegy i gave me a sense of people people's ability to change and seen roseanne as she was portrayed on her show doing some unexpected things was good so it's i think it's it's a particularly thrown right i think you're absolutely there's no doubt about that okay can i change the subject please i read about a book by chris natia wadi do you know chris nassar wally personally i know his work he has spent the last twenty five years interviewing everybody involved with caddyshack familiar with that move eleven and i saw the book the other day and caddyshack the making of a hollywood cinderella story an ame did this weekend caddyshack the inside story now i wouldn't recommend the ame as much as the book but it's a delightful bunch of factoid about caddyshack including the fact that animal house made caddyshack possible herald ramos and doug kenney were involved with animal house and so they give me some more of this aminul animal house and they work with brian doyle murray and of course you know there's all sorts of behind the scene stuff the cast in the motel by the golf course and having a big party but.

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