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Now in time for Dave Preston. Serena staggers, but does not stumble U.S. open tennis round two Serena Williams drops the second set to seconds he'd Annette Conte vet before prevailing 6 two in the third set, telling ESPN. I'm just Serena, you know. You know, I'm honestly, after I lost the second set, I thought, oh my goodness. I gotta give my best effort because this could be it. And so really, I just wanted to just keep trying and see what I could do and just do my best. And I was just really excited to be honest. Also advancing number 12 coco Goff and Madison keys, men's bracket number one, Daniel Medvedev, and 2012 champ, Andy Murray post victories. Baseball nationals top Oakland 5 one Luke Voight hits his 18th home run of the year Orioles shut out Cleveland for nothing. Gunnar Henderson in his big league debut goes two for four with a home run. NFL, the Washington commanders make their secondary a primary concern picking up Tariq Castro fields and Rashad wild goose off of waivers. Soccer D.C. United defeats New York City FC two one. Dave Preston WTO sports. The top stories we're following for you this morning on WTO, a nurse practitioner who worked primarily at a CVS Health MinuteClinic in Alexandria is suing CVS, signing a policy change that prevents her from opting out of prescribing abortion inducing drugs based on her religious faith. The policy changed last year and her legal team says it's against Virginia law. A federal study has found that math and reading scores for America's 9 year olds fell dramatically during the first two years of the pandemic, they're now at the lowest level in decades. Lawyers for former president Trump are again calling for federal judge to appoint a so called special master to review documents seized from his Florida home by the FBI. The Justice Department says appointing a special master could harm the government's national security interests. Stay with WTO for more on these stories in just minutes. At 8 47, D.C.'s ballot in November will include an initiative to phase out tipped wages. Now the issue isn't new to the city, this proposal would mean gradually raising the city's tipped minimum wage from $5 an hour to match the standard minimum wage $16 an hour. Opponents argue that that measure could discourage customers from tipping and increase costs for businesses. It's 8 48. Back to the traffic

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