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Stereo type guys. I'm doing great. You've been burning the candle of both ends telling people your books so we're really thankful to have you and this is the cell podcast and one of those future stars of the brooklyn nets is kyrie irving so we're going to actually look look back in the past. Maybe you can shine some light on some of the things that maybe celtics fans don't understand about what happened with kyrie in boston. So let's do exactly that. Of course look forward. The book is afford facing book. We were really interested in what the net zero too self absorbed to how nba players across the country are grappling with their startup with place in our these moments of racial reckoning and everything in between so we will look forward. But first we gotta talk about the breakup. Oh we wanna preface this by saying on this podcast were pretty understanding of car-o-van but if we have any snarky celtics fans keep an open mind because matt based on what i can understand about the book there's some really humanizing pieces of kyrie's story of durant story and how they came together so i actually do this. Give us your elevator. Pitch for the book against both can't knock the hustle inside the season of protests for the brooklyn nets superstars. It tomorrow gives us your elevator. Pitch in how you decided to write. This story was To go beyond the game right. I as i told kevin durant a soul. Kyrie no offense. But i'm not that interested in your stuff on the court was didn't really well documented and so this book is not only about tracing the nets off the court through what i stumbled into a historic year but really every chapter flashes back and forth over the last decade. And how far. We've constance the decision not just in terms of its repercussions on basketball but on race politics health. Fashioned fame phantoms. Those you name it. And i came to it basically comes my old mentor editor in chief at a magazine david grainger. I used to work there when i was in my early. Twenties went on to work at the atlantic new york times. The guardian bleacher report all sorts of places but he emailed me one day literary agent. Now i said somebody should write a book that was the subject line dot dot dot said about the nets. Starting today new owner is kyrie crazy candy on the on the comeback and he said who's the best writer you know in brooklyn aggression. I would. i'd always been an editor. And i was walking down the street walking my dog and i ran into my neighbor. Fellow dookie Jay williams and we just got to talking. He's obviously had his kind of on again off again. Friendship with was durant but you know teams a lot of characters. There's so much more than haven't been out there. And these guys have been so misrepresented in the media that someone like you like a real journalist just a sports nerd offense world. Canals could really do right by these guys and so i went in and took an unvarnished. Look the nets. let me in for a year. I don't think they really wanted to kind of made them. And you know. I think it's an unapologetically fair book To these stars in world and entities nets. We've had a really historic last couple of years. Yeah i mean it's it's interesting the decision because there's so much about trying to understand pathologists career which in itself is a ridiculous thing that we do fans media members but i can't understand carriers understanding lebron and i don't. I suspected that really important for the book. But i know that the book is much more about the people that carry durant or trying to come not the people that led them there. So let's let's start back in boston but before we look ahead and let's look at kyw's time as a celtic and i'm gonna ask you tell a story in the book about a meeting. Kyri durant had a kyri suburban home in boston in the winter. Twenty thousand nine hundred and without giving any oilers. Can you of walk through that. That meeting ends. How kyrie goes from telling season ticket holders I'm sticking around in boston if you let me too. I need to go to on with kevin It seems there's a a window of just a few weeks for things. Change pretty rapidly. You know if. I could rewind even further. I think it's like a window of a couple of months so you got the summer of eighteen and kyw's recovering from a bad knee injury. He goes to vegas with k. D. in their entourage is kind of his friends and then he heads Battle through rehab over the summer especially these muscular pickup games. Guys like zach levine holdings organiz jamal crawford kinda crappy little jim then one day shows up in the bleachers with a cane and a celtics hat bill russell and he watches these guys doing these one hundred twenty five point runs and then afterward you know these. These all-stars would would pull up jamal. Murray was there the guys almost campfire style with real bleacher seats around the bleachers. And mr russell's shall we say would tell a couple stories for a few minutes and everybody go home and come back the next day. He'd show up again by the beach. It's talk for half hour an hour and talk about real life stuff like freedom rides in the sixties. What have you. And then what i understand. In what i reported kyran mr russell would would break off alone and and talk celtics and it was around this time. According to his friend lived with them and stayed with him in seattle that summer He said quote. It was like this power shift going on in boston. You know basically as jalen jason Showed out while. I was down playoffs quote and then he also realized. Wait a minute. I'm trying to champion boston. But now that i'm looking at the history of boston. Is this a city that i want to champion in terms of racial history and stuff like that. Is boston the type of place. I wanna represent so we can get into some of that race up in a second but but anyway so k. Goes from there to the standing rock reservation where he kinda sets his beard straight with. Ensue routes Has been direct messaging me on instagram. Sixty seven page supreme court decisions on indigenous land rights. Let's get to that layer anyway. Kyw promises the fans up. There in. Boston assigned the extension and then his grandfather does. You'd have this whole spiritual connection with his family. His mom and then the grandfather die out so that he would end up telling katie as when quote anything. I was doing basketball. I didn't really care. And so like poof. He's done with boston. And then i've got this kind of the previous stuff reports in my book. A mentioned up there in west and Katie i comes in january twenty fifth twenty nineteen or about celtics on national. Tv dinner kyrie's house winds flow and vegan. Burgers egan smoothies. They're playing two ks themselves and it just from that moment on. They started to be all in on the nets and the idea that they could control that franchise more than they kind of walk into existing ones In golden state in boston so you know katie was kind of over it with golden state and he'd basic side brooklyn while he was playing in the finals for them. So these guys were on a path on a collision pass you know and and leaving a lot of explosive material behind. Yeah i mean. We've talked about on this podcast. The brief heads of racism in boston the twentieth twenty-first century..

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