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Here on this Friday edition of the show. Lots to talk about. You know, I wanted to go in and because we haven't done this in a while and producer Nate and I were talking about it before the show. We haven't really had a conversation in a little bit regarding Cove. It And these new Draconian measures that will be while unleashed upon us here in these next few days, because yes, As you know, Joe Biden will be inaugurated. Stop. There's no insurrection know martial law, It's not happening. As much as I would have liked it to happen. It's just not happening. We're gonna talk about that at the bottom of the hour, the inauguration and wants to come, but I think it's imperative right now. To go over these these measures these these draconian measures that Are really going to put a hindrance and take away your liberties. I mean, I I see that and you need to see that you need to be aware of that. Let me start by this because again, we haven't discussed this and some time because you know what, In all honesty, we've been trying to save our country from falling into the deepest depths of the abyss with a biting presidency. Now that we know that is coming to pass. We need to start facing realities of what is going to be coming to pass in front of our very eyes. And these are the draconian mandates regarding Cove in now I hate to be the one to tell you. I told you so. But I'm going to do it anyways. I told you so. That this would come, Many said. It's not It won't happen. And I said yes, it will trust me when you're dealing with states that are Really Communist. I won't even say socialist Communist. You're gonna have measures and mandates that that are going to make your head spin. I'm talking about California. I was born in California. I was raised in California in a town north of Fresno. California. Called, Mur said When I was growing up, we used to call it murder dead. But oh boy, what a great place to grow up in the Central Valley at that time in the seventies and eighties. It was incredible. I just Would love to. You replicate that now for my family and my grandchildren. It was just a phenomenal, phenomenal time. Movies were made about it when you go back and see some of the movies in the seventies and eighties, the nostalgia And you know, come on you, you know you hear me, and many of you probably are from that area that are listening to the show. The show runs through most of California's well, because Katie WN has such a large stick, and I mean that in the non sexual way. 50,000 watt powerhouse. And so California is doing what I thought would be coming. What is it? Los Angeles, Of course, La La land. Los Angeles United. Excuse me Unified school district. Has announced that students will be required to show proof that they have received a vaccine for four coronavirus. Before returning into in person learning. This is, according to Fox News. Now the district superintendent, Austin Buechner has confirmed that he said that parents that have concerns regarding this about the safety of the vaccine Will be required to keep their Children in remote learning in definitely Did you hear what I said? I'll say it again. In case you don't hear me. He's the corncob got. Let me say that again because I told you this was coming. The Los Angeles Unified School District has announced that kids have to have the vaccine you're gonna have to show proof of it. This is according to Ella's district superintendent, Austin Butin. Er, now for parents that say not my kid. I'm not getting them a vaccine. You have the right You have the right to say I'm not getting the vaccine, at least for now, Ugo. You'll have to keep your Children and remote learning. What does that mean? We'll have to learn online as they've been learning all this time since covert 19 hit us because of the bioweapon that escaped China and Wuhan. Didn't I tell you this was coming? Now, the concern that I have now some will say, Well, who cares? This is California you should care because Gavin Newsom is Batman. And governor Cecil AC is Robin. Robin loves to follow Batman. And what I've seen of Governor Cecil AC, and he's probably having his ears ring right now, because he's probably like Steve Sanchez. I guess. Just got just decided and got tired of, you know, throwing me under the bus, but surprise Governor I'm back. Sis Elek. Could Enforced the same thing he could. Now you may say he's not gonna do it. You don't know that, because right now the Clark County School board just today. Took the steps. Necessary to reopen school buildings but giving principals the ability to bring back small groups of students to campus on a voluntary basis. And approving an agreement with its teachers. It's teachers union. Regarding the future opening. So what does that mean? With all out all the legalese, they're taking the steps. They're laying the groundwork to transition from the hybrid model or excuse me to put in a hybrid model. But here's the deal. How do we not know? Because, according to what I'm being told, according to what you're reading. Las Vegas. Court County..

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