Monmouth University, Capitol Hill, Nancy Pelosi discussed on Rush Limbaugh


The country is objecting the keeping more of their own money well you would think the democrats would have an alternative because every time the democrats proposal bill sweeping or tiny what is our main beef the republicans accept the premise and come up with their own version only they say there's a smarter an example would be obamacare the democrats propose a massive government takeover healthcare and the republicans for the most part accept the premise but object to their techniques and instead proposed their own idea just to get in on the action but after restoring nearly half of americans oppose the republicans tax bill ahead of final votes according to a poll this poll is from the monmouth university released yesterday says only twenty six percent of respondents said they approve of it nineteen percent had no opinion eight percent wanted a wait to draw conclusions will they saw the final bill what are crock nobody's going to read it but the bottom line is 47 percent of those surveyed said they disapproved okay so the next story i have in the stack here tax bill nope wrong story i just incredible here to pelosi bales on tax cut protest after only a handful of activists show up now wait a minute if we got a monmouth university pulled its this forty seven percent of americans opposed this why can't the democrats find any protesters a handful of people are really st him that republican lawmakers are planning a lower taxes and they gathered in tiny conference rooms on capitol hill where nancy pelosi was slated to speak yesterday but the demonstration was so weak pelosi didn't even show up a reporter for pms nbc said these protests have never been like what we saw with a healthcare law meaning we don't have who nearly the opposition to tax cuts that we have with obamacare and yet i've been reading about the similarities between obamacare and the tax cut bill in terms not not legislative course in terms of there being a negative for the people that do it don't misunderstand a comparison is not that the tax cut bill has the same stuff in at that obamacare is obamacare ended up being a drag on.

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