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And next thing you know, what do I need to do? I need to do this. I need attack this Rinaldo story. I need to attack something serious now because executives are in town. I gotta give social commentary. I gotta give journalism meet now instead of the normal hijinks around here, we try to disguise they don't like how everyone else here is dressed wearing hats. They're like all sorts of rules. They don't like any of you are, but the idea that Mike, there's a new dress code around here. There is. Yes, there's a new dress code that doesn't apply, evidently not let calls about this. It's upside down close. So. The Rinaldo story. Are you guys not a little amazed in this particular climate? And I'd like to know what's going on with the world because you know, Stu gods that for as misogynistic as America is the rest of the world. Much of it has an even more antiquated viewpoint about women. I mean, there are there are places there are countries multiple countries where it's not illegal to hit a woman. So there are some things here that are complicated where you're in the middle of this movement and Rinaldo is as big star's. There is in the world of sports. He has LeBron James, he made me might be bigger than LeBron James. I think I can make the argument that he is bigger than LeBron James. And now there is an there is an accusation from ten years ago, and I don't know what to do with this. I don't wear. It's being reported that there was hush money exchange. You know a settlement reached in which the for almost four hundred thousand dollars and it. It appears ten years ago if you want to be cynical about these kinds of allegations, because you know, we're in a very precarious position in this country right now to got where the poor feelings of men not getting what they want or being trampled on greedy. Men who haven't gotten our men. Everything that they're entitled to our feeling victimized right now, and the president of the country is giving voice to that victimization. And here's Rinaldo is biggest stars. There isn't sports. Do you think if this was playing out in this country with a star of that magnitude, that it would be this quiet in terms of media coverage? Because we don't know what to do with the story where we're sitting here trying to navigate all this gray area between innocent until proven guilty, which is what Trump is waving around now, men as victims versus women as victims. And now here you are in a situation that is, he said she said it's a ten year old allegation. If you want to be cynical about it, you can say, well, the money ran out now she wants to see if she could get more money by getting another settlement. But the point being here that we're not covering this very well, and it's at least in part because I don't know how to cover it, but you think it'd be different if it were, you know, Aaron Rodgers or someone like. I think there's still plenty of people who wouldn't know what to do with the story. No, but it's not like we weren't talking about this when it made an appearance with Kobe Bryant. It's a lot like we out of the fray waiting for facts there. Now you're at, it's arguably the biggest star in the world and just more details happen. The alleged incident happened in two thousand and nine in Las Vegas. The woman went in received treatment and didn't tell police a location or or the person involved at the urging according to her and her new attorney pressure, the pressure of of the camp to will figure this out, make it go it. Yeah. She says at the urging of her then attorney, she signed a nondisclosure agreement that had the some close to four hundred thousand dollars tach..

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