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Map it's a freeforall let me in the media landscape is you'll got to admit raging all the way from the left to the right i don't where you're saying it's only one side but michael you're not gonna get many liberal callers i'm a liberal callers results hung out in san francisco what kathy trieste we've discussed think posts saw ideas people are no i but i don't know what you're saying what are you getting at you want the government to be the only avenue of information for the people of course not what you said what he was a roger what are you suggesting that where i'm contesting it you let people like me get on your program without you're on the program and you haven't said anything yet michael take it valuable airtime you started out by saying something it seemed intriguing to me but what is your solution to the problem oh it is it's the typical solution the solution is still open up radio and tv let other ideas get through what i mean opening up you are rational man towel on the left you have hannity on their socalled right what do you mean by opening it up let the government broadcast a centrist message every day like they did with china crap say should be a programme on msnbc and parkway ever where you have liberals as well as conservatives on there but perhaps msnbc should be forced to have michel sabbah john for one min in the night my would you brought with one of why don't you suggest that msnbc be forced to have the an opposition opinion on mad cow show every night michael savage on for one minute to give the savage minute would that go along with what you're suggesting i suggest that perhaps more equal time it'd be better so you want me to have a full hour on msnbc i i think if you were given a week will amount of time on those shows.

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