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Twos are luxuries engineer. My brother channel store lope next is Mark who's trying to get the video stuff up and running. That's gonna. I think that's going to kick off in a week or so not not these podcasts, but I think the next ones you guys are gonna get video highlights from the show on the Skype line from Loveland, Virginia, Jesse, Kerry alot from Nashville, Tennessee, Tyler, Huckabee, everybody and down the road author speaker podcast, aspiring cowgirl any downs Gordon Janse. It's true. I mean, you're not saying more but much care and it's going to stick just like lover land. People actually asked me still. It's been what twelve years doing this show. Yeah, asked me like where where is lover land Virginia's at a small town that Jesse lives. And I was like, I don't know back in two thousand six. I randomly Virginia's for lovers just gets a land of lovers lover land Virginia and just Doug. If people think I'm actually from there. Wanna like I get like sent a lot of stuff in the mail from like, you know, book publishers and press people, and they're like, oh, we listen to the podcast, what, what's his coat? They're in love Orland. I Mike now. No. Now it's I will say this. It's maybe reflect a lot on Virginia's slogan, Virginia's for lovers, and it's just creepy at this point lying. No one wants. Crossed over well. My initially, you're like, okay, I guess that's a little Charmaine. But like lover is a really creepy way to refer to somewhat like if you're like, hey, this is my boyfriend, and this is my wife. This is, you know, if say, Hello, this, this is so and so my lover it's immediately the most creepy relationship possible. And when you skit right. When you cross border people cars driving by your like those two are lovers their lovers. State is inhabited by weird creeps that's what regina's for lovers. Anything about that. But if eighty, whatever introduces you to their lover me. That's a huge red flag that person's a creep. I was listening to NPR on the way in apparently Virginia's and have it by two types of people lovers and opioid addicts. Probably. I don't. Yeah, I don't. You know. I don't really have anything to say to that. Without without making light of the nation's crippling addiction. Does it. I love her always make you a little bit like this is a listen like, this is what I'm saying. What I'm saying? It's not. It's not like genius for romance or Romance. romance. Romance has like timeless charm to it. You know, like, oh, let's see something Peres sunset. Yeah, romaine, like if you, if you say to your city, we're gonna other, let's do something romantic. They're like, oh, it's like a candlelight dinner. And if you say, let's do something as lovers, that's creepy. Point, you're like a weird like a weird guy, a stranger. If you say that to your person, that's great. The either way if you're married. Yeah, but but even then even then it's like why you talking like a weirdo? That's the kind of thing. Dudes who wear bathrobes most of the time at home, say like they're just like if someone is rich, I'm not hating it so far, keep going. He sounds rich, but it's weird..

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