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Motor city onto the penguins rahseed been looking for that sentiment have and they add since i lost nick benito and free agency they've been look for somebody to come and replace them i don't know if he's the replacement or not but that's the direction they're going right now jimmy ruppert sent a terrific job they're the san jose sharks day out they're going to be in brooklyn a meet the islanders peter divorce team has got some great goaltending lately what's up by separate what basic seen by john jones it was great that's a we need you know i i think you look around the league in anybody that's winning games is is getting good goaltending so now we expect that out of them you know he was again our best player in the night yeah that's head coach beat the bore talking about martin jones on the shut out last night and san jose now starting a fivegame road trip one of those stops will be here in boston next week the islanders their team they're coming in they they plenty hits the rangers the other day was on thursday they had a twogoal lead the rangers tied that game but they came back to win in a shootout so big win for the islanders there on home ice they are one for twa three so far this season on the power play they need to get that straight now quickly the king's are in ohio to me to columbus blue jackets both of these teams with five wins your early in the season king starting a six game road trip one of those stops will be here in at the td garden for columbus they outshot tampa bay never last game thirty three two eight in the second and third periods and lost that game two to nothing they weren't overly happy about the way they started it but the came on strong just couldn't couldn't put the park in against tampa they're only one for nineteen on the power play so far this season they scored on the very first attempt first game they had not scored since it's gone south since then the wash in capitals are back at home they.

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