President Liser, Hilo River Indian Community, President Trump discussed on Native America Calling


That's a scene from the indigenous Zombie Film Blood Quantum Backlash POW music. Zombie growls doesn't give you a hint about what to expect from the film. We're GONNA fill you in this hour. It's about a Zombie outbreak. On a Canadian reserve it's now available on shudder. The horror films streaming service join us after national native news as we connect with actors and creators of Quantum. This is national native news. I'm Antonio Gonzales. President Trump signed a proclamation acknowledging missing and murdered Indigenous People Tuesday during a visit to Arizona which included a round discussion with Navajo Nation Vice President Myron laser and his wife Dottie laser and Hilo River Indian community governor Stephen Role Lewis dotty. Liser is an advocate working on missing murdered indigenous women issues. The President M I W is a growing issue on the Navajo nation. Here's part of her comments from livestream of the meeting on C. Span with the Ashland Mike case that came up in two thousand sixteen where she was kidnapped and raped and murdered in New Mexico. May Second Two thousand sixteen. So that's kind of open the door for Navajo to start saying okay. We need to do something. Because I became the forefront and so since then the amber alert on that one nation has gotten better but still needs help with funding. Still needs help with getting the data together. The roundtable lasted about thirty minutes and included discussions about cove nineteen which has hit the Navajo nation. Hard this week. The number of positive Navajo cases exceeded two thousand five hundred tribes across the country have been waiting for federal cove. Nineteen Relief Eight. Eight billion dollars is set aside for tribes in the Cares Act. President trump commented about the funding including the amount to the Navajo nation as he joked with vice. President Liser is the single largest investment in Indian country in our history. So the amount of money that's being sent to Indian country as we call it is the largest amount in the history of the US. And you deserve. And you've been through a lot in the Navajo. Nation will soon receive over six hundred million dollars. That's a lot. Can renegotiate community door. Go up before the Hilo River Indian community is set to receive forty million dollars. Disbursement has been delayed. The Treasury Department announced Tuesday a plan to begin payments to tribes which includes holding back amounts for Alaska native corporations due to pending litigation more than a dozen tribes sued over the inclusion of Alaskan native corporations in the funding he l- River Indian community governor Steven Lewis commented about the funding at the end of the meeting urging for the immediate release of the money and also saying the eight billion dollars is woefully inadequate to meet the needs of tribes. Nothing Empire. I'm trying getting some of the money out today. I WanNa thank you. Also because we need help now Indian tribes and can't wait for that litigation to end before from the and also governor Lewis also asked for a cap to be put on the amount anyone tribe receives and to allow tribes to have flexible guidance to keep their governments running. The Treasury. Department's plan is to begin allocating sixty percent of the eight billion this week. Two tribes the president of the Rosebud Sioux tribe in South Dakota declared an immediate lockdown of community Tuesday due to Cova Nineteen President Rodney Bordeaux and a social media message declared the lockdown of the Spring Creek community due to a high exposure of covert nineteen law enforcement will be monitoring roads and no one will be allowed inner out of Spring Creek. The message states lockdown is to protect the rest of the communities from the spread of cove nineteen the tribal assist people in need of food and supplies. No other information was shared. A number of tribes in South Dakota have taken emergency measures to address cove in nineteen including the Oglala Sioux tribe which issued a reservation white lockdown down and the Cheyenne River Sioux tribe monitoring borders among several of. Its emergency measures. I'm Antonio Gonzalez..

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