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The base of the this is why. I know, but I thought was way let him have his moment anyway. So this is of course the tation, the latest other tation of Frank Herbert's, classic, and epic, science fiction, novel, dune about a desert planet which happens to produce a substance that is essential to all interstellar travel, cinnamon spice, yes. So it is a very important place and it is for reasons why too complicated get into given to this one noble family and wouldn't you know it? Some complications arise in one of becoming a God. I mean, it's your basic story involving gigantic worms and space empires and genetic engineering and gold hood. You know, we've all been there, haven't we? It's very, very relatable story. Joe ski tried to stop to way back in the seventies. There was a TV series. They did union the children of quite low budget. Lito atrocities that probably the closest I would think to the front hub of, yes, and they're still not super close. Yeah, it's one of the. It's one of the sort of big on nailed books in Hollywood's to do this. Soviet thoughts about this film? I yes. I mean, look veal. No seems like a seems like a really good choice for an actually Shalam as seems like an an excellent choice. The baron of the house hawk own great house of the lands rod, well who indeed they are for those who have escaped James's level of nerd ary will play. The emperor should Dom the fourth. Okay. There must be some other movie. It's going to be Timothy. China is going to be an. Yes. I am June by the way. June. News of release dates. Credit turn. Tino has removed once upon a time in Hollywood from the incredible tasteless. Which is good news and the joker movie. The one with Joaquin Phoenix told Phillips ni- has a confirmed release date, October joker, isn't it? Yes, that removes one of the chief barriers think too. You had some opposition to once upon time in Hollywood new Helen. I definitely have concerns about that release state seemed did see massively and ghoulish indeed. So not goulash. So yes, I'm very glad that they've moved that. And I hope that this is, you know, sign that they're taking that side of things seriously in being respectful of the victims and not just sort of going sensationalized storytelling. So yet that does rather remove one of the barriers to anyway, speaking of DC things spending joke. There's a trying to fool titans, which is the new DC TV series about the titans which are seem some kind of DC superheroes. This is for the new streaming services. This is on the streaming service has swearing in as you get to here in the Tri rope in, say the words about man. Ever wanted to hit rub and say, Batman, then you should watch this because it looked some not great. Is it rubbing or like night wing? You know what? I don't. I can tell you more importantly, I don't care. It's Brenton Thwaites. Tonight wing as night wing Teagan Kroft will of course play raven. The first episode by Brad Anderson is afraid good writer joint session. Nine, of course, on a DO play coriander slash star fire literature, Sweden names of any of these. Kelly is in it as well, Allen rich and his in it as hind call. Ryan Potter is beast boy, but this has been getting a very, very funny reaction on Twitter, this trailer where people have just been base going, no hard pass. Thank you. Know we're good. Nice. You made it well done. It is you know to their credit DC's TV movies. TV work has been stronger on average than their movies. This hour verse who DC I believe are over TCU. Does it connect? Because I get very confused. I don't believe it is. Streaming you? As far as I can tell right now, they're not really worried about anything joining up very clear for awhile. I think I think that the studio bosses have literally said we're trying to get h one, right? We're not worried about tying them together, which is probably wise giving high badly. They've gone wrong when they tried to tell together on the other hand, does risk making things horrifically confusing for people Jenny. But I think it's dangerous to talk about DC stuff and come up stuff in general, given the coming on his happening right now by the time. Listen to this Monday, there's going to be all sorts of stuff. For example, we could talk about the Akron poster, which once again is Twitter..

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