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To the bbc world service this is news out coming to live from london on james them on asami meme on bangladesh of signs an agreement which could help to repatriate mahindra muslims living in makeshift camps in bangladesh as early as two months from now that's according to the government in dyakov while the six hundred thousand row hinge or have fled myanmar since the end of august and in recent days the us secretary of state rex tillerson as described the actions of the burmese military as ethnic cleansing the bbc's gabriel gatehouse as being to bangladesh where he gathered testimony from survivors on one village and i do have to warn you his report contains some disturbing testimony including descriptions of sexual violence mahanagar letting would add new mid edited was headed out community because soldiers surrounded us and made its kneel down by the side of the river to bed you think about the money that it then they began raping and killing at the without the before us too the had my baby with me they snatched him away to flag what kind of ashura met on with maddow they threw him to the ground and killed him rashida begum survived a massacre on the thirty th of august this year soldiers from the burmese military stormed into her village to the totally in reclined state a more i want us with laugh the started learning up the dead bodies on the riverbank with a few people will still noblewoman they started hitting on their heads to finish them off that's muhammed sulaiman another survive his wife and three daughters were killed he and others managed to cross a river and swim to safety from there they watched the horrors unfold a nor a of also managed to escape the while on inaugural up a little bit and melania inland they stood it snatching babies from them of his own egged bring them to the ground then they hit them poohsticks rightful boats i'm not going to do somebody shows some disturbing mobile phone footage of dead children being pulled out of the river oh my god the voice the video says she's been shot at brains have come out this is a really really gruesome criticism it turns out and nura knows these children well say what a lenasia my name's children they were all from the same family twelve of them all of them died.

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