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American community with healthcare this is the time when we have the opportunity to be better people create a better world and create a better Kentucky these are just a few steps that we think are going to help us get there the governor cited the inequality in the healthcare system as a reason corona virus is affecting people of color in a disproportionate way George Ford will be buried in Houston today after a private funeral it comes a day after the first court appearance of Derek Jarman the ex cop charged in Floyd's death in Minnesota two weeks ago ABC's Alex Perez in Minneapolis with the latest prosecutors saying the forty four year old accused of killing George Floyd jammed his knee on Floyd's knack for nearly nine minutes as he quote went limp Chauvin charged with second degree murder without intent to second degree manslaughter and third degree murder ordered held on one point two five million dollars bail your next news update is at eleven I'm will Clark news radio eight forty W. H. A. S. this is news radio eight forty WHAS available everywhere with the I heart radio ads now number one for podcasting newsradio wait forty WHAS and I heart radio station springtime in local and if you hate to paint do what your neighbor Todd did he called rhino shield the twenty very many paint job and remember was right no she was not paid it's better frankly I've lived in the house for almost twenty years I get maybe five six years out of a bank job it is a lot of work and fairly costly to build it was a wise investment to have rhino shield with their twenty five year guarantee now you can have the guaranteed protection of rhino shield right here in cardinal country for fifteen percent off the regular price I realized what a big undertaking it is his painting in general with the dripping and all that stuff.

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