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And my brother used to draw on the sides of his paper when we were little kids, kids doodle on their school paper. Yes. And mom had it all and his were always these little faces with big black eyes, little stick people all up and down. My brother will not talk about it. He still won't talk about any of it to this day. I've had a guest on recently, and we talked about aliens and his belief that now he's coming from being a minister. He deals with delivering people from evil entities in their lives and his opinion is that at least a small percentage of aliens and alien abductions could be related to demonic forces. What are your opinions about that? Well, I think that I think there are a lot of agendas out there. I think there's a lot of life out there and they're all the law and we're doing things for different reasons. I don't think all of them are extraterrestrial and I don't even think I've had I think that my encounters have been as much maybe extra dimensional as extraterrestrial. I think there's an element of that to it. I think there's an element of maybe time, traveling, I don't know. But as far as demonic things goes, I mean, there's always evil in them. There's evil in this world. I mean, there's evil people in this world. So I don't know why they're would be evil other kinds of life out there somewhere. As far as demonic goes, I'm not sure about that. I'm not, I don't know enough about that to really make a judgment. I'm more along the lines of I don't come from a religious background. I'm not really into or accept many earthly religions, so to speak. I feel a religions are man-made. I'm a spiritual..

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