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Talk. Doc with them about this entire episode tomorrow. First couple hours on coast to coast. The US military is downplaying suggestions. At the Islamic state group is on the rise in Iraq amid reports in recent days of continuing and even increased hostilities by the extremists a company called CTI foods is recalling more than twenty nine thousand pounds of Jimmy dean, heat and Serb, original sausage links made with pork and Turkey. According to the US department of agriculture food, safety and inspection service. Five consumers have complained of metal pieces in the sausage links. What's going on? We're getting recalls from the romaine lettuce. We just heard about that. There's been recalls millions of pounds of beef. Let's check in with food safety. Coach Jeff Nelken, Jeff what's happening to our standards. Well, let's talk about the Jimmy dean situation. You know, we're talking about a lot of metal equipment that very easily. Can break the pieces. They even have metal detection. So that, you know, we have different systems, and hopefully they capture these foreign objects, but on occasion, they don't and it's real important to pay attention to the recalls. And you know, if people are not sure about recall, certainly they can go to the website of the FDA. There's an interesting for pet suits. You know, there's been a recall on some of the pet foods because of having too much vitamin.

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