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Get up to a high later today in the upper eighties in order to get into the mid nineties by later in the week our top story this morning there's more opportunities for people to be tested and so you will get more positive testing for corona viruses on the way to central Florida as new testing centers opened this week at the big one Joe is going to be at the parking lot of the Orange County convention center in national guard members can be seen helping to set up over the weekend Devin a ride to Santa said the new test site at the Orange County convention center will open on Wednesday explaining it will be a pretty quick process for those doing the test but the whole integration they're always going to be ten fifteen minutes once you get in the queue obviously there's going to be people waiting in line he said the collected samples will be tested twice daily at a commercial lab and Miramar brandy Hastings news ninety six point five W. DPO we've been getting lots of questions about who will be able to get tested the president's coronavirus task force says if you don't have symptoms that don't take a test vice president pence of Sunday's White House briefing we are urging all commercial labs to prioritize in patient testing we want people that have been checked into a hospital they are being treated for what they suspect to be corona virus to receive those tests more quickly pence says more test kits are being distributed Germany is currently testing one hundred sixty thousand people per week the U. S. has tested fewer than two hundred fifty thousand people over two months chucks Iverson ABC news this is news ninety six point five Orlando turns first for breaking news weather and traffic on channel nine Eyewitness News meteorologist Brian shields eighty nine degrees.

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