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Is something that as fans just watching practice you will be able to see. You know whether you're gay was in the wrong place you know. It's wide open down the middle of the field or you know if the coaches barking at bolton to get over you know g- get to that gap or whatever. How our maybe i feel like it is kind of. You can see if they're doing well or not doing well you know. They're in the right place and get a tip. Pass that kind of thing. I'm excited to see gay emboldened kinda compete with the young linebackers and and see if they can prove to be guys that can play from week one. And so maybe some of these other linebackers don't have to you. Know the rules in the linebackers. I did mention it. Rob but the roles in the lakers are really going to be interesting. With with damian wilson. Not being there anymore because on paper was probably your sam right but he got some will wraps he. He really did a lot of different things in that group with him out of the picture. I have no idea who the fulltime sam is a full-time says sort of a misnomer right. But the we have no idea. Who's the primary sam. And maybe it's bolton with hitchens at and mike and gay at will and that's a pretty good that's a pretty good mix but that'll be one specific linebacking group to watches. Is there somebody the distinguishes themselves at the sam linebacker position. And is that a way for nick bolton to get on the field sooner. rather than being stuck behind higgins. Yeah no. I sure hope nick bolton is is the samra too because that that that needs to happen. He's a good run defender. Hope play while in that position right away. Let's get one more question before we take a break from truth synapse at some abstruse twitter. Who's breakout player for this coming season. And then there was a follow up question Somebody quickly replied and seven. And why is it. noah gray arrived. You have a breakout player or used to want to continue to make the case for noah. Gray well i if anything i was making the case against no gray In the past. So i'm not a no agree hater. I just wanna make sure were. We have calmer expectations and it seems like cheese kingdom has form but now i think the obvious answers. Clyde for breakout player. Do think he's going to be a big breakout. I'll give you an underrated breakout though. And we actually just him. So my dana. I do think is going to prove his worth as a as a player this year as as that third defensive end if jones really is playing a lobby defensive end and i think he's really going to become a player that You know the chiefs are going to think about you know He's going into a second year. Now you know after that third year you can start thinking about you know a cheap extension just to keep them on team without letting him hit free agency. I just feel like any of these brandon. Dailies guy brennan daily drafted him. He was a guy stood on the table for them. We know that and brennan as a defensive line coach and he's made them look really good so far so i think it's a good pairing a good marriage. I think he's a guy that's gonna really become even more important than the defense this year. Yeah that would be a really good development for this defense. They've gotta find some young defensive end. I just saw a recent mock draft that said that the we had this in the headlines that the prediction for next year's draft for first round pick for the chiefs to be an edge player. They said obviously to replace frank. Clark but even if frank frank clark slow on the roster they got to continue to invest in that position you know maybe earlier in the draft that they have in the past mike danna could prove to be a huge steel and it really seemed like the coaches like and respect and trust what he can do on the field because he is so sounded his assignments he so style in in. The run. Game is somebody. That's not going to embarrass you on the field now. Exactly and we talk about him like he can't rush the passer at all and and i'm guilty of that as well but you know he he did have some some good webster. Put a clip on twitter of a couple of good plays. He had He's just got he's just got a high motor like you mentioned earlier and and really strong hands and any news angelea well to get lineman's hands off them. There's been a lot of questions on this position on the defensive end position and there was another question about joshua canedo and keeping expectations low. I'd be very surprised if he's a breakout player this year. But can you imagine how impactful that could be if it was him I'm not going to predict that. But i will predict somebody else's pretty bold. I think they're hanging in there for in their banking on the baker. Being a breakout at corner and they sort of our slow playing at right. They're saying nobody else has stepped up from the quarterback room. We don't know who the next guy is going to be after after the first couple I i think they're secretly not secretly. But i think they're. They're waiting to see assuming bakers leg is right in checks out With the doctors. When he's back on the field i think they're going to give him every chance to win. And not just the third or fourth cornerback spot but maybe the second cornerback. Spot cornerback is so wide open right now. I'm glad you said that because it's so easy to say all right you know you got you got the guys we know ward sneed and fenton and then we're good now. They brought in these guys for a reason. They were active on the trade market for bake or for hughes reason they brought in. They brought him. Baker we've after a broken leg trusting that he'll develop back you know or improve back to health for reason. I'm glad you brought that up. Because i do think cornerback might be a place where we're already come. We already think we know what's going on. And then once you know week one comes around. It's something completely different. Maybe kenny buford. Ask that question this week about the third cornerback position. I think today before camp. It's rashad thin by the time campus done. I'm just started out there. I think it might be this. And i know we gotta go to break but but you did mention rishaad fan. And that's funny. Because on that question. And i think rashad ben has become one of the most underrated players on the team. I do think he's. He's a little under appreciated. Now because i do think he's played really well but he still sixth round pick and we've also seen the other guys that we've already mentioned play well in spurts like fenton has so. That's why i really is up for grabs right now. We'll with that list. Quick break.

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