President Trump, Omar, Brian Stelter discussed on Michael Medved


Something four words, probably not the best choice of words Ceesay for me to say here and say I would have chosen different words. Right. But the point is this controversy was created the construction of the frame, Omar downplays nine. And eleven is a key part of the story. These viral videos and tweets are how we argue about the future of America. But so much of it is based in bad faith. He's outraged cycles corrupt us Omar's comment was used as a weapon against her including by President Trump who has pinned this anti Omar video to the top of his Twitter page Trump's videos, what propelled this story all the way to the nightly news. So now it's being framed as Trump versus Omar some Democrats are saying Trump is putting her life in danger. There's something bigger going on here with with this story. It tells us something about the right wing rage machine in about how news priorities are set. How news priorities offset, Brian Stelter? The CNN eunuch is telling us how badly news priorities us set. Who do you think you are? You said the construction of the frame that Ilhan Oma downplayed nine eleven. Sort of construction of frame, it's what she did Stelle ta. And you'll saying that the right is acting in bad faith, really from the men who works for the net network that has been acting in bad faith, since Donald Trump came down, those escalators and has been pumping the Russia collusion illusion for two years that kind of bad faith, Brian, Stelter, pathetic little, man. Let's listen to a real man this to a man who lost his I income bat fighting for you and you'll civil liberties, Brian Stelter? Let's listen to a friend and guest of this program. Congressman Crenshaw about this whole Franco over L Han MAs comments, cut three or the.

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