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Deceptively simple and it's like finely crafted watch all the components work your jim doesn't be you over the head within about the generation gap or the falling apart of the current government or civil war but the things are there it subtle and that's really hard to pull off the also the big difference between the two i'm glad you brought that up because casale approaches it almost antitheft to the way leoni approaches it leonis approach his whole coaches he's big on mythology ising the western genre he sees it as almost like an opera it's almost you know he he saw the american western as the closest thing america had to like three legend kind of thing right so you really wanna play up that aspect whereas whereas core salwa is is the mythology is the whole similar i thing by kind of making fun of it and really d could totally constructing it and bring out the cynicism and all that stuff it's it's it's completely the opposite of what leonis doing with with his take and is interesting that both of these filmmakers are taking something that is a socio so much with america and reinterpreting it in their own ways and then kind of that necessarily directly but kind of feeding back to america both of these movies came out in the states but they came out in different venues which is very interesting that someone who saw a fistful of dollars probably wasn't going to see you jimbo and vice versa you know vis willett dollars was seen as very low art in your jimbo because it came from japan and came from saleh was seen as very high art and so you didn't have much crossover it wasn't like we had the multi plexus that we do today where he could go from one theater to another and see this kind of thing even though even when it comes to multi plexus you don't necessarily get art films mixed in too often with your popcorn movies and fistful even though plays in the exact same gene pool with so much of this is the popcorn movie in your jimbo is seen as the higher art movie you know it's there's a reason why you jimbo in send your or on the criterion collection and the dollars trilogy is not necessarily i consider them to be equal as far as films and filming experiences but when they came out it was very different so it's it's interesting that you know you wouldn't necessarily have known too often i mean i think it was very quickly known in certain circles yes this is a remake of another phil home but joe average or james average might not know that these are the same things because we didn't have a lot of crossover that and and they're not tweeting about it either and they're not making movies about like hey let's compare the movies back and forth but you know ripping off such and such movie from this other country not disagree with you don't but i think a lot of people were introduced to your gene by way of fistful of dollars so someone's fistful dollars later told you know this remake of the summer i fell like all check that out because fissile dollars remake are no is is i con in of itself not least of all because it introduced a clint eastwood as a lean leading man of cinema as opposed to a tv actor who is perfect in this jordan you mentioned once a time in the west which i or that film i think is a great film this plenty of great things about it but i just feel like the pacing is very buzz gonna say it is it is it's a very slow pace phil but the two leads were leonis first choices for the man with no name he wanted henry fonda do it he was too expensive so we offered it to bronson and bronze and turned it down because he thought the script sucked and years later was time west is supposed to be the fourth man with no name film eastwood didn't wanna do it but that point leoni had enough of a name where you get like you know bronson and henry fonda aboard plus hundred fatah was was really excited about playing a villain for change something you'd never done there are some things i definitely really liked about a fistful dollars i loved the scene where east was getting out of his i guess torture dungeon and he rolls that.

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