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I can't i can't have it. No i cannot have a playoff matchup. I cannot have a playoff game with four. nfl teams by. You're in the scott fishbowl. Aren't you yeah. But he does it in like a cool way makes it. Okay this is. I have no name on this. Oh no this is from. Yeah no name. But from a town on. Lake superior melvin. Hey dante dante christian brett and donovan. I'm going to be honest with you. I read this before. I do not remember donovan. Mcnabb on the vikings though recollection of that. Yeah i i was a big donovan mcnabb fan and i've tried to just wipe all of everything that happened. After he left philadelphia out of my memory believe he was also on the washington football team. That won i know he was on washington that was traded to watch and i was a crazy deal within the division. I don't remember this. Vikings year either. Okay good it was. It was his last year. He played like five games. Like the mandela affect. Okay donovan mcnabb. Let's say he played one year for washington. Five games for minnesota threw four touchdowns. Good job. okay. Here's the question from the vikings fan. I have the third my dynasty startup league. I'm not really feeling taylor. Or camera or saquon barkley. Can you talk me into one of them or should i. Trade out is a three receiver league with two flexes. Somebody loves any of these backs. I would trade out typically for me in dynasty. I do really stand by feeling that. He's running backs are bit overrated. In general i mean even last year i remember at the start of dynasty a salary cap league in the person who spent so much money on Which trying to treat a midseason in not getting Didn't end up getting much back in return and just shows you how the values fault so fast at the running back position so for me. If you could trade out i would do that. And i would even target somebody like mahomes late in the route in the first round. I won't even even won't be. I love taking somebody mahomes there. Yeah great last question. No sorry we have two more second last question from lucan toronto. The trade twelve team. Pr dynasty league gave up russell wilson and jd. Mckissic got one eleven to eleven and carson he turned that into rashad bateman diani brown and carson wentz for russell wilson and. Jd mckissic. dan you talk. While i calculate he is the dynasty game here. So i'm gonna wait for his response here but for me. i do. tend to feel like rookie. Draft picks are overrated in dynasty. When it comes to trades in how people value them for me. The is not too far of a of. Because i do have some hope with carson. Wentz said he will be able to revive his career. Bit with frank reich over there in an amazing offensive line..

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