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Took over his Twitter account this morning posting profanity racial slurs and even posting that a bomb had been planted. At baggage at Tampa international airport, actually Bouwman is the mayor's PIO. She tells NewsRadio WFL as AM Tampa Bay mayor was told about the hacking soon after it began around four AM when we noticed that we took immediate action we've alerted TVD and our officers both with the IB and around the region to look into it. We've reached out to Twitter his account has been suspended. We're trying to work to take down. These tweets that are insensitive at no time with the mayor ever post any of the things that have been posted today. Tampa police investigating the threats made against the Tampa airport and city hall. They say those threats are. Not credible. Paul county leaders have hired an outside group to review in November fire that killed a lakeland area woman. Even though firefighters were at the scene a day after Paul county. Commissioners called for an independent review of the November fatal fire. The county has contracted with emergency services consulting international the association, which consults for the international association of fire. Chiefs will review the circumstances surrounding Loretta Pickard's house fire in which she died while on the phone with the nine one one dispatcher and the fire crews response the county will pay the association just under thirty nine thousand dollars for the review county. Commissioners will receive a draft report in sixty days and a final report a month later, the fire captain in charge of that crew has been placed on administrative duty while the incident is being investigated and reviewed Sharon Parker. Newsradio WFL. A after the remains of a missing teenager were found this past weekend to wanna span is hoping for. For an arrest and conviction of whoever killed her son j Bez span those last.

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