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Their cases heard. Representative Kilmer says he hopes this will drive some of the change that's needed. Holly Minnie know, come on news. Federal prosecutors announced charges today against a Chinese national who allegedly helped Iran obtain material for weapons of mass destruction. ABC's Erin kurtzke has more. The Chinese national was charged in a scheme to provide Iran with isostatic graphite a material U.S. attorney Damian Williams said Iran needs for ballistic missiles. The Iranian regime of terror and repression and those who facilitate it pose a grave threat to our national security. The charges were announced with several others meant to keep sensitive technology from falling into the hands of foreign adversaries. The Chinese national was charged with sanctions of Asian money laundering and bank fraud. Aaron Kutcher, ABC News, New York. A move is coming up for space command. They may be staying in Colorado Springs after recent reporting indicated plans to move to Huntsville, Alabama. Last night, national media outlets reported The White House is looking to halt those moving plans. State lawmakers say the decision to move command was the last administration's, it's not currently supported by the Biden White House. Northwest news time, one 14. Time for an update on traffic from the high performance homes traffic center. Here's Kimmy. Well, there's been some police activity happening in Thurston county in Olympia this afternoon, and it's no longer blocking slater Kinney road, but it's still blocking the I 5 ramps to and from slater Kenny Rhodes, so plan on using a different exit or on ramp for right now. We're also looking pretty smoothly on I 5 around JBL Lim and coma. No major backups in Seattle, but south on I 5 is going to find some company heading south of north gate off and on towards the U district in north 5. It's just a little crowded near the west Seattle bridge. We're also finding a bit of slowing on the east side around factoria, south on 405 approaching coal creek Parkway We're looking a lot better in rinsing around one 6 7 and four O 5 as we meet up at that interchange, but there's a hazmat response in Seattle's rainier valley that could be at least partially blocking traffic and I'm MLK junior way at south willow street. This report is sponsored by Beacon plumbing called Beacon today and save $50 on all electrical work, just called winning a hundred freaking call Beacon plumbing. Your next northwest traffic at one 24. Our forecast now sponsored by northwestern space services, still on track for a warm day today with temperatures eventually around 80 in Seattle. Tomorrow low to perhaps mid 80s again, both tomorrow and Thursday actually, Friday though, things turn the corner, and we're heading down the hill.

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