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From Notre Dame that is really going to give them some depth at the main position of quarterback. You know they they lost Milton MacKenzie last year that was a devastating blow for this team last football season here, but. Wimbush from Notre Dame. For the starting job. It will be the favorite to win that position here. Josh libel. Really hasn't done anything wrong since he totally for Scott frost twelve games in your I made murky season. Yeah. That's a pretty good job, to say the least here for many people pick them the win the a a c this year. In here in this particular conference here. Everything that they've done. Pretty good defense, and they will be in the mix once again this year and then we have south Florida. This is a team that looked like they were going to pick up the baton after flowers left, late Barnett steps in quarterback. Really looked like this team was going to take care of business win their first seven, but dropped her last six unheard of at the F B S level, Mark. What about south Florida and the bulls from Tampa? Well, it was good news and bad news for. Season six to end the season here. Strong. Bell as coordinator and quarterback coach. And I think they'll add some stability to the football program here. A lot of returning production. That's. This year. They rank thirty eighth overall returning production. Does. Country in total offense. So there's some things team. Day chance to surpass the seven wins they had last year. Charlie strong as a pretty good coach out coaching this conference all that often here. Can more than seven games that they did last year? Unheard of as well with Dana Holger, sa-, leaving West Virginia power five.

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