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But I found Japan similar to a lot of the the lighter weight guys that I chain in the United States. But remember now I'd gone on a tour baba invited me over along the funk said kind of brokered that for me to go over there. And I was with Bruce Brody Superfly Jimmy saw the my only toppers STAN Hansen, but deviancy, and so the style there was the guys that I was with were. For adapting their styles to the styles of the guys in Japan. Right. And I you know to see the guys that I saw in America like Superfly Jimmy Snuka. Turn it up a bit and do his best in Japan against Japanese. Guys was amazing. Probably one of the scariest things that ever seen in my life. Nobody told me this is going to happen. I decide to run shooting pictures, and I turn around, and there's all these thousands and thousands of Japanese fans behind me. And all of a sudden, I hear the dressing room door opens a nest scattering and running in fear and terror, and if stomping all over the place trying to get I felt like I'd still always come out of the freshman Anson Brody swinging the huge chains, and they didn't give him who they will hit or whatever. And I got pushed down and like stomped on by these fans there, I'm telling you, it's like a gun fill a movie second night. I y up for that. I went onto the ring Brody and Japan and got to the ring. But that was absolutely terrifying. But then you had, you know, the the great scientific wrestlers like to the OSCE on the tour, and I used to love the way the ring announced his now DVR sit-in. And is it just it was so different. And yet it's still took place in in four corners. And I loved it, man. I used to watch the same things that you were there in person. But I saw some of the things when Broden answers came out swinging account on end of that Malraux. And is scared shitless, quite frankly as some of the people were in the audience because there's a photo shoot and honor to get to get like running a bowls. There's almost an honor to get lit up by bell. They probably wouldn't give. But and they and Brody enhance and did not give a damn. And I thought, you know, and of course, Brody was a big star wherever he went into world stand. I thought most specifically. Japan he was suited for that. And man when you talk about work at strong style. I mean, those two guys really thrived in that environment. And also have this far as your scientific style who a lot of people enjoy funk when I first started in the business per I thought his style was a little bit more boring. But when I when I started educating myself and became a hand wringing a mechanic, I really appreciated. What door was doing really in Japan. I love doors work over Japan. And it was really looked up to. But he was a guy that the from the famous funk family, and of course, Terry was probably the mo- more well known of the two doors work over there. I he would grind you. He would. I was talking to Rick flair the other day. He said he would kind of always leaned on you entire you out. But I really loved Dory style over there. Oh, yeah. I get you a heat at cherry. Of course, if stance are so different and which in Asia with Dory. He just came back from Japan. He was. In in passenger there, but he still wrestles on his own bang from ocean regularly. And he's still, you know, he's still doing it. And he never stopped. And he's he's still got it. Hey, you mentioned earlier we were talking about buddy Rogers. We live about Jack Brisco because I hear so talk about how bad ass Jack Brisco was, but I really never got a chance to see him work. But anybody in the veterans that I talked to speak with high regard about just gut Jack Brisco when he was the world champion and the ring periods and that check for still I and Stanley west in my mentor before eighth and Hyatt's fulltime..

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