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Episodes. I agree with you. However i feel like there was a little justice for carl. They made it clear that carl was referring to thomas. Not being there for the right reasons. And i was like good. Carl gets a win. No but like no you. You said multiple guys like i think that he was uh thank god someone else came out and i can say that it was carl. I was talking about like i just if it was carl. Why didn't you say karl friends with haro. And you're saying it now. So what's the difference. It just shows you how said this season was like there was not a lot to recap or go over and so they had to waste even more time on this like patti fighting with like people we don't care about it also like all like the the clip packages of like. Here's what happened on the season to remind you were so long i was just like this is intensely boring. I why are we still watching this. Yeah i was also thinking like the previews for the next two weeks. Seems like there's a ton of things that happen some like. why did they move the mental. All up if there's more stuff to happen like they should left it for next episode so we got the hometowns in one of those guys like we got the drama of whatever the happens hometowns to talk about something must go haywire. Because there's no other explanation like it must have not followed the right format so that they had to like change format here as well. I don't know or it doesn't. It just doesn't really make sense i. This has just been a really weird season. I honestly like. I know you like blake. But i cannot believe lake as someone's final three and i'm just assuming final two because as i said justin there's no way so i can't believe it. Blake blake who. I just have this lasting image of him holding his junk as he's walking around the league from -tations season he's now in the final two with katie. I'm shocked yeah. I think maybe. I also grew up with all boys like i have. Three brothers had two other boys that were adopted when i was younger and have lived with me and are still with my family so five brothers. They all had teammates like holding your balls literally. I don't even know. I can't i can't i don't even notice it so funny i was like why is he still naked. I remember watching that and just like put some clothes on man. Don't even doesn't even register like you saying that. I was like he did walk around for a while with cameras and it was super weird and now here we are and he's one of katie's final two. I'm i'm assuming. I never would do i. I still love them Actually think like a more. I feel like everyone likes him. it's you just. He does seem well-liked. I think he seems fun. And weird. and just like super goofy Yeah the guys seem to really like him. I'm so confused though in the previews it. It's all greg greg. It must be a lot of greg drama. So i'm like. Does she pick greg or does she pick bikes. I think because they were so much. Greg it's gotta be blake like i think if it right. Yeah that's that's. That's the previews were the first time i was like. Oh shit greg not win the first time though otherwise. Yeah the whole season. It's like oh it's gotta be greg. It kind of reminds me of becca season. Whereas oh it's gotta be blake the whole time and then at the very end. There's a shift near like. Oh it's garrett actually That was the first time that i felt that. Because i'm like the previews just like completely threw me but outside of that. It's kinda seemed like greg since night. One for for sure. I mean she must have been saying to producer since one. It's greg because it's like bid so hard for them to hide it on and he also got like a one on one a second one and one before everyone like. Yeah so it must have been blatant almost as obvious as dale. God dale dale. He like exists. I feel like. I finally have moved on from that. I don't know. I took me so long. But i'm just sort of like all of those people they're kind of like in the past Except for both those couples are still marching on. I know and matt is doing all this. Press tyler this week is tyler's book came out half memoir. Have dating advice. i think it's called. You deserve better and a matt tyler or like in new york doing press for the buck. I saw i saw videos. I am child fan. But i saw videos. There was a line around the block to go to tyler book signing. I'm not surprised by that. Also take tyler device. He has the hottest girl in the world. So whatever you're doing working are respectable. King tyler cameron your fellow. Floridian is working for him. He is so hot himself so yeah sure beautiful couple also like it's crazy that he was ever even on this show right now. I know he's yeah also come across like he's still obviously. He's around bachelor all the time. But he doesn't seem like you know the people that are like obsessed. Yeah he doesn't come like that he's he. Yeah he doesn't seem like he's obsessed with being in the bachelor. I don't think he wants to be anna. He said i read this article attempt in basle this week about like tied his book where he was saying he doesn't. I love tyler. Where he was saying that he doesn't want to be part of the bachelor worlds like at all. I'm out but i think he's i think he's a nice guy so like he has friends from it so he's still acknowledges them and talks to them but not but he's not like doing the like instagram influence or thing with them he's not going to all the same events like he's got like his own thing going on. It's kind of it's really impressive. Very few people have been able to land this. I feel like matt is kind of on the same page. Yeah i think matt pretty shitty experience. So yeah like i do johnny plants. Yeah but i think that makes them come off as like cool and so all the bachelor people want to be around them. Yeah it's it makes it a little tricky but they can say because they have each other yet. Tyler doesn't cringe me out at off. Yeah there's just something a little bit more. He's just like a classic bro. i don't know he's just speaking of bennett. Yeah his recent. Instagram pictures are confusing. John follow. I meant to tell you that i had to follow. This is begging me uncomfortable. That i i don't want to feed person. Yeah it's like. I think he got really ripped the or or he's making his pictures look like he's really ripped tan tan. His hair is long and he's like going for like western thir- strap guy but like i don't know how you make that jump. You were like i the business nerd. Yeah five months ago. Yeah i don't either and he was like you know having off his different like chateau's or whatever. I'm going to pull up his instagram as we discuss. I haven't finding it like honestly disturbing. I'm just like what's this guy doing by the way i'm not saying he looks bad like i. You know he looks good. I'm just yeah. But it like a new person. It's like catholic a wilderness phase. Or something and he psyched turning into dini babies but he's also always by himself like he's never in pictures which i respect it. I like some good alone time but like is he in grantee national park by himself he might be. These are also fay's we'll someone take you think they're self timer might be a self timer involved. I don't know it's weird. It's super weird interesting. Yeah i don't really know. I just like i i can't i. Don't follow him. I came across his. I think you sent it. Yeah and i did a deep dive. And i was like the progression of this page is nuts. I know it's sort of like. I don't know what it's like watching an influence or in real time. It's like someone who went from being like kind of like a dushi new york financier guy which is like a totally acceptable type in my book accepting all offers It's you like this like weird instagram influencer. In the national parks like just trying to like.

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