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Into own island. You know he's not gonna norwood island anytime but what he has to do. Is he's going to anytime that receiver catch the ball he's gonna try to strip is gonna try to swipe all and hence that's another reason why likely he didn't have that many tackles ground chance and secondly he is gonna try to the interception only win. It's readily available to him. I don't think he's going to be a guy tries to force the issue which would get him in trouble because he ranked pretty high on the team as far as Defensive efficiency not letting you get behind him along. He kept the plate in almost the entire time. So when fans would go round and stay like other guys sucks forces for a couple of years his last. You is fantastic. People if people didn't realize the plumbing in front of him and that's what made him out so high every single time because he was lending guys past them. You mentioned him trying to strip the ball when receivers catch it. One thing that stood out to me on film is that he does fight for the ball and any anytime. he's on a receiver. He is fighting for to break up that catch Which has led to some pretty pretty nice place but has also led to some pass interference penalties. Can you talk about that balance. And how he kind of walked that line between you know making the physical place fighting fighting for every catch. Also you know didn't call on the wrong side of that. I wonder if that is a interesting kind of development just because of his last year. Oh you because oh you defensive back interesting. They're kind of caught in this weird this weird kind of time shift where you go from mike stoops as an offensive coordinator where they're just given up tons and tons of yards due to say. Hey the ball to this new defensive coordinator. Alex grinch jets aggressive aggressive aggressive. Stripped the ball. Do anything you can borderline to show the receiver down. And so i think he's just walking the fine line of what he's being coast to do at a use for as being ultra aggressive. And i think if it's actually him playing he's more likely to air on the side of the caution however if the steelers are gonna go tell them hey we want you do the exact same thing they did home. He'll do the exact same thing for you. He's not. He's not a guy that it's always gotten a pass. Interference trouble was not a guy. It's always been holding onto wide receivers his entire taranto you He's been a guy it's always fought for the ball like you suggested and so i would say that he's more likely to play it safe and just keep the play in front of. He's more likely to be happy with a four yard completion than you know something down the fuel that risk the fifteen yard penalty but again. He's gonna do coaches. Tell them to do the a million times. That's why the coaches him because he takes their coaching as much as anybody. He just soaks it up like a sponge so clearly. There's there's a lot of good things to like about trade norwood here. But i guess my kinda thought on this is why did he last so long into the seventh round. Oh why wasn't he drafted higher. What kept him from being kind of one of these. What day one or day. Two draft picks. I think it's the speed i think again. If he's lined up with the guy that is incredibly fast a guy the going gonna beat him in a guy maybe some beat. He's gonna recover in. It's gonna be like doubt unless sap up over the top. He's also has lack of physicality in we've known that he's dove at people's feet several times. I mean heck one time. The cultural playoff he. This man made a business decision and he simply job out of bounds out of the play. hit in. So that's kinda notice his freshman year sophomore year in woke up. Come on man. This is football into the lack of physicality and the lack of maybe major speed along that acl Man he was he was obviously steam fall down. I didn't expect them to get drafted. I was so surprised when he got drafted nonetheless. I'm a fan of the steelers to be drafted with my favorite team. I thought a lot of people thought he should come back the coaches. That should have come back in that he would have been a top five top four round selection. But here we are. He got drafted seventh round. But again it's just the if he's not a guy that's gonna right as we see a guy that's gonna come down to run support. He's not that fiscal yet. He's not a guy that's gonna brunt foot for foot with archies brown who's in the same division. He not a guy that is really really going to change the game for you. But he's going to be a reliable guy in the future if he holds up In coverage what he's being coached to do you have of course mentioned cal. Trask interception in The ball game is there any other members games or plays it really stand out that we're kind of defining place or see a guy who like you said is more efficient but but doesn't really make those those big game changing very often. No that's the big question and there. There are a couple of games that the mind where he would just ball hawking over the middle of the field because again he's played so many positions in the defensive backfield or the last few years especially as last year and a couple of things he i mean. He had a couple tutors. Option games in but again like you said he is a guy that's berry sets his own paste. I mean even to the point where instead of risking injury even to the point set of may be walter aggressive instead of getting in fifteen yards one interception to step out of bounds. And let the offense take care of it. So the guy's very self aware of his body made very self aware of what is injury was lot of your prior and so he's going to be a guy that isn't gonna be a game. Changer solid piece. Maybe if that's what it can grow into as as we've kinda gone through the couple of weeks here breaking down. The steelers draft picks one thing's kind of stood out to me..

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