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Want an explanation of how this came down, but I've been asked this a lot. I got a t end of the day football. The privilege. It's not a right And if somebody in charge deems it not safe. Then that's the way it's going to have to be now again. I they want an explanation. They should get one how this came down. And what the leadership is there, But the players, right thing Trevor Laurence and everything else. I just shake my head and I say Well, okay, you know, that's great. You've got to believe in somebody. You know whether it's Whether it's somebody or science or something. You've got to believe in somebody, and eventually the people that run this thing are in charge of it, and they've made this decision right along. We're talking to Dennis Dodd. You know, in terms of the decision, there's something else here and you've written about this When we're talking about covert Dennis. It's not just about the virus. It's also about mile card itis mile card itis. The fact that CBS sports reported that at least 15 players in the Big 10 had been diagnosed with it for those who do not know what is mild card itis. And how does that factor in this whole thing? Yeah, that was my reporting. It is an inflammation of the heart that is caused by a virus. Of the common Cold is a virus and I immediately had people say Well, a cold can call that cause this. Yeah, it can. Now let's add Cove it now let's add 120 people in a room. Now, let's add three our football games, people sweating all over each other. How did that work out? It doesn't make it a common a common ailment. I quoted Tom Mars, a player's lawyer out of Atlanta. We've actually had it now He's 61 years old. But his doctor looked at his E K g the other day, and this is from six years ago when he got it. There's a new doctor thought he had just had a heart attack that day, and he said no, that was six years ago and inflammation of the heart. And it has affected and through his life. He was running. Was running 30 Miles a week resting heart rate of 60. And got a cold or a flu or whatever was this came into this is a serious serious things of your administrator. Dealing with 18 to 20 year old 22 year old and this is a thing. I mean, we're a bunch of them have reported. This was a significant factor tipping No tipping the Pac 12 in big 10 towards what they did. It's interesting, isn't it? Because that's a tipping point for those two conferences. Why, then is the SEC? The big 12 the A. C C going the other way, for instance, do they have a higher threshold for that risk? Or are there medical people telling them something else? Do these conferences? Not all have similar information? How could the five of them see it differently? They have similar information, Jim, but to me It's almost like a trial where each side brings, you know experts expert witnesses to a trial to make their point. You can find your so I said this. When this was happening, there will be a conference at the end of this. It will have enough medical experts that will let them have enough information to allow them to play and that's what happened here. I can't explain why why they different. I mean it. Goes with the theme of the whole lost. There's been no leadership. And they think it's good enough to go the guy that's leading the A. C. C. I think it do, doctor their medical advisor. One of them say Absolutely. It's safe enough to play. Really. They just close down North Carolina yesterday and I'm I'm not saying we can't A football. I'm just saying, Think changes from day today and it's like it's like trying to dodge raindrops and hoping the big thunderstorm don't come. We're talking to Dennis Dodd. Dennis mentioned Trevor Laurence and the players like How is the pandemic empowered players and potentially change the power structure in college sports? Well. Hey, it's changed the power structure because they wanted to say in all this Turn it started with we are united and that was over health and welfare. Well that quickly, more thin. Well, we want to play. So, which is you know it can both operate on the same plane and I'm glad they did it. I think it's fantastic. With the end and I'll write that are coming next year, Jim Players or we're going to have unprecedented power and this to the point that they've woken up in general. To the idea that they are not not only the supply, they are the demand, and if they don't take the field, there is no game. The advantage for the administrators is always wow. These guys are just passed. A change of a year. They change every two years. Three years, four years. There's no unity will now there's unity. And even though you know travel, Laurence may have played his last college football games. This is going to endure and part of the reason These administrators are scared, witless about playing next spring because that means two seasons in one calendar year. There's a lot of them that are afraid. That will be the straw that organized these players. You know if we're going to do this, we're gonna have a seat at the table and I don't know if I disagree with him. I think they're right. Sure, Dennis dot is joining us for a few more moments, Dennis, let me change up on you. And I know I can Because back in the day when you were a Panelist on my daily TV show, you're always going to talk about different things different sports. I want to check in with you on this. What was your reaction? To the Rangers getting all worked up about Fernando Totti's junior, hitting a grand slam on a 30 pitch with a seven run lead late. Yeah, that down. I know you're tensions for talking about the unwritten rules of baseball. I had never heard that one. Dad. If a pitcher throws up cookie with on three, you know, in the eighth inning up by seven. You take it. And your coach gives you that takes sign. I mean, what do you know what? I've never seen that unwritten or written rules and for a guy as exciting Fernando Teddy Jr. You know, muffle him like that is is ridiculous. I I I didn't get it. You know what's next? We're gonna You know what? What's a safe count two and 12 and two. You shouldn't twin. Even Johnny bench for God's sake, Johnny Bench got on Twitter yesterday and defended him. Johnny Bench is telling you, It's okay to swing on three. You know, in that situation, I'm good with it. I think the biggest shock of all is that Johnny Bench is on Twitter. I didn't even know that right? What's his instagram feed look like is Johnny bench talking with a blue jacket? I had Teo. It's got to be him. I mean, so theater today what should be more important to baseball. Dennis, the Almighty, antiquated code or the fact that Fernando Totti's junior is an incredibly exciting talent. Right. Why does this guy have his own commercial? I mean, name a product. I don't know already. I mean, that's been based on paint. Yeah, it's It's the problem with baseball throughout the years, they don't you know properly. Publicized their stars think Bryce Harper is a couple of commercials that this kid should be everywhere right now, And he is the most exciting player maybe in sports at the.

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