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So many taymor about this van. So he's seventy one years old came for a checkup. He had no symptoms. Really? He woke up occasionally to urinate. I was it in his PSA checked here. It was six he asked for a biopsy because he knew he had a substantial chance of having cancer up to thirty percent chance of a cancer. And the Gleason seven cancer he had a higher. Risk cancer, and he came here as you tell you one more thing he came here three years ago. And three years ago. He was diagnosed memory walked in the office just to get checked out. Who's found have cancer founded Gleason, seven cancer, which is more aggressive cancer, Gleason is how cancer looks onto the microscope and well he wanted our treatment because he knows with us. The success rate for Gleason, seven is ninety percent. He knows Elsa was surgery robotic surgery, open surgery, sixty percent. And that's why he came, and he wanted to keep his sexual life in his urinary life in his life. And. Now, three years later has PSA is zero. He's happy. I saw him yesterday. He is so happy, doing well pleased cancer free. PSA zero fully functional. And this is what we do every day. And this is why so many men and women come here. This man came with no cancer, he came for a checkup. I wanna talked about how to seven centimeter mass in the breast. She now also is cancer free after coming to radio surge in New York before Broadway where we see patients with cancer suspected cancer, and you've already had an example of both. We see also patients with recurrent cancers where chemo and radiation, surgery, just hasn't worked people. Keep getting treatment that doesn't work and they come. And get a fresh second opinion and fresh ideas about new treatment options, and we're talking about a woman who is ninety years old. This is a woman ninety years old with a loving family. She was born in Poland. She came here. Let me tell you about her. She had three children. She still has three children loving children. They all came with her for consultation. Shed a cat scan. She had a rectal, cancer diagnosis, having trouble with her bowel movement is having diarrhea without bleeding, and because of the change in her bowels at age ninety she had a colonoscopy in the colonoscopy showed an obstructing lesion in her rectum. Wow. And she was found to have adenocarcinoma real cancer of the rectum, one of the big hospitals in New York area. And she had an aneurysm. So then they spent three months working her up and doing tests, and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. Meanwhile she's getting worse and worse and worse. And no one's treating erectile cancer. Three months. Can you imagine you can't move your bowels for three months and the doctors are working on aneurysm that they could repair in about an hour or less just with the radiologist putting a device into her blood vessel, and it took three months, and they still didn't offer her any treatment? She has trouble passing or stool. She's in terrible pain. You can imagine if you don't move your vows for three months, you just have a little material come out, and no good bowel movement, how terrible it is. And she had a cat scan that showed extensive feces in. Testing. She was not able to move her bows, so terrible. And she lost weight in a short period of time. She went from one thirty five to one twenty three just five feet tall. And one sorted wanted to radical surgery on her and she just refused. She's ninety hit a family member, who had radical surgery and not do. This woman had an MRI showing a mass in the rectum, she had a tumor blocking the Lumine. She never got a pet scan. Choose the mic. I examined her and on.

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