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Also a big important thing so if you've got you're cation systems you probably don't need to be running a much right now you know we have had enough rain to kind of make a difference we have a lot more moisture in the air to add to the plants really tend to enjoy it well whatever your dreams are for the perfect landscape or P. that side door and desert landscape if you attack about Tropicales house plants Christmas trees poinsettia as whatever your dreams are or if you have suggestions and ideas would be growing something fun at home world leaders as lots of different styles plenty of things to grow here here we are in a subtropical climate that means we can have some freezes but we don't have many and that being the case the citrus seasons coming around and the fruit qualities really coming up because we have had some cool mornings not that they've been very consistent but those temperatures down in the forties or what makes our oranges ripe inner lemons you know turn call color and it's so it's kind of a precursor to the holiday season whatever it's the beginning of our set for season as well well four lines still open we always start off pretty empty we finish up pretty hard to get into so if you've got an idea question suggestion was nearly give rise to call in every call six SO two two seven seven five eight two seven Linda open fountain hills good morning Linda good morning it's good to hear you this morning I love the rain we had last night was beautiful what nice soft rate in the last little while yes it I'm calling I wanted to get to give an after Teo to a friend for a Christmas gifts okay and I would hope and I just wanted your advice on that I called one of your locations and that kind of an idea but I just wondered if this is a good idea or not I would give them the gift certificates and then work with your planters and with this person reseeding the guest as to when they would have it delivered and all that well that's probably certain a lot easier than the movie and I could see around you know with bare root Akihiro should be better plan the summer but it containerized one would plant just fine this time of year and that you can even plant a bare it would now for that matter so you know that's what you need to plant Linda and out of all the plants from Marcin during desert I I got to say it's probably my favorite it's it's one I'd love to and so does my friend well that would be a good surprise yeah so now the fifteen gallon is in my price range that what we know the fifteen going on could two years that we have now we've actually had in the containers for over a year to root them out and so the difference is a transplant much better than a bare ruined so it's easier to get planted established and you know there are fine planted it was let's say one of my very favorite plant probably from the Sonoran Desert hello so like if I could if I call call back your nursery and so they can review what no absolutely they can set it all up with you just call the nurse with us at all up with you you can give a gift certificate and then they can call in and redeem or come in and choose one yet and was offered stall form so so you think that they can the one in container is as good as the bare root I think it's much better than the yes that's why the cocaine rising actually takes is only about a year to Rudaki T. as they rip pretty slowly you know they really are harvested out of the desert and rough of conditions you know they're taken out of usually fairly stony places that that they're not deep rooted and so the roots are then cleaned up and and then put into a container really takes a whole year for them to become established so I would definitely opt to plan a locker key from a container verses a parrot and they told me that you could plant them anytime of the year you can from the container that's a big advantage because they arise and then it's and then that they want to water it sparingly even though was from a container this time yeah they don't need much water and you know they thrive here in our client yes okay great great well I thank you for taking my call and I'm going to get on it right away thanks for well we won't be over there for a couple hours I'm not sure I'm going to church okay morning are you wanted to get in right away thank you letter thank you bye bye I'm bill in Phoenix good morning bill yes good morning right I had a question about a grapefruit tree that's got a little bit of a problem with a termite are you have a solution to the well the termites really aren't a problem for the grapefruit tree what they're doing is they're just getting up out of the ground with their titles especially on a rainy season they would actually be down in the ground they will feed on the web that showed off of the tree but they're not gonna eat live would bill so they're not going to really hurt great for yeah we don't get it because they don't know they're they're really you know their natural critters I've been here for you know probably millions of years and that they do out of the desert serve a very useful purpose break down the decaying wooden things so it already left alone the ones out under that in the arts.

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