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Highlight. What's that whole process like for you well. It's you know i'm wherever you are. I am there so that means in dallas four times china. I think totally six times and i stand right next to troy and <hes> you know what what happened. Is i have my headset but i have my mike turned off and <hes> the truck is obviously the the broadcast production truck is listening to what joe says and troy and if there is something that joan joe things i can add to he will just say you know mike pereira what your thoughts and then they get my microphone and <hes> and and then i just i say what you know immediate reaction what i think whether it's on a pass interference call or replay situation i also have the ability to talk dr troy and cajole you know as the players are going on to feed them some information <hes> if i can but i think it's really in in all honesty you know part of our job is to project. You know what we think about what happens on the field. Whether it's a football play or whether alerts an an officiating decision and many many many many of the officiating decisions are easy and are right but some of those is that right or maybe wrong i think joe and troy look rather the need that makes the comment on whether it's right or wrong and and and i am the one that has so they do the easy ones that i get tough one but being in the booth <hes> and being involved involved in every one of their games as i was last year and we'll be this year has given me a far raider appreciation creation of the work that both troy and joe do you know and she the work that they put in in preparation for the games and the players <hes> is incredible and think that they would have to add officiating too that when they've never done that <hes> you know really they kinda even made it more difficult for them. So maybe i get to take some of the heat off of that and and i and i i really have i've really ever enjoyed doing that. It is such a fascinating situation because you have a job that everybody thinks they can do something. That's i'm sure an interesting detail. Finally mike because you do watch the cowboys so often in you guys obviously cover a lot of n._f._c. games. You're in philadelphia often in green bay. What are your thoughts on the cowboys this season i mean you guys have the super bowl so i mean you think you'll see the guy was in miami. I mean what's going on there. I think we have a chance to see the cowboys in miami. <hes> <hes> you know to me. You've got some missing parts of course but will eventually get settled. I make you you have to have <hes> you have to have a balanced balanced offense. I mean i just don't think back than survive if he has to throw the ball more than totally necessary i mean you've gotta that'd be able to run the ball. You've been known for having a good offense. You find the parts. The parts are there and i think what's going to happen one of these years and maybe it is this sure that <hes> you know everything clicks and you go from having a hard time winning a playoff being periods are rolling into super bowl and i think that they're us back kind of talent. You know on the on the cowboy roster so you know we're optimistic is certainly i think we would like to be because you know find an old forty niner fan. You know right to say when we wanna know superbowls with joe montana. We're america's team you know and steelers. I'm trying to say when they have run their america's team. Well guess what the cowboys are america's team and it shows by the ratings there are towel boy fan everywhere and so you know we had boxer optimistic that <hes> that they'll have a good year and of course joy some <hes> some inside that that too so we we. We like their chances well. Here's hoping mike that when we see on radio row in miami the cowboys are getting ready for practice and you know getting things squared away to play a game that following sunday sign up for a pre-nup it will save your marriage or your relationship. <hes> mike pereira will help you. Football pre-nup dot com on twitter at mike..

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