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They accepted him for who he was and never challenged. His love of the metrics during this period in the early seventies LeVine served as a consultant on several Hollywood films, specifically those with a horror or satanic bent. This included abominable Dr fives in which Vincent Price played a character. Based on the way, he also consulted on. The devil's rain a schlocky horror film, starring Ernest borgnine, William Shatner, and a young John Travolta. However Levin was about to hit his first real setback in one thousand nine seventy three one year after the release of the satanic rituals Leb as agent presented his next book. The devil's notebook at the annual international book fair in Frankfurt at the book fair. There was an enthusiastic bidding war over the manuscript. However went editors brought it back to New York to take a closer. Look they ultimately decided they did not want to release it. Meanwhile, by nineteen Seventy-three and Congo. Vay was beginning to lose control over the church of Satan splinter groups formed by several of the regional church heads began to pop up around the country group leaders from Michigan Ohio and Florida formed the church of the Tanic brotherhood members in Kentucky and Indiana left to form the Ordos temple Santa's both of these new churches were short. Lived. But Anton was furious that his followers had defied him in this way Levin knew that he needed to centralize control of his church once again and prevent further schisms he wanted to return to the core values that define the organization's early years. He wanted his church back. We'll follow Anton attempts to reclaim his church after this. Kingdoms is a new podcast from par cast about how money and power changed people and how those people change their communities through organized crime every Friday kingpins tracks the rise. And fall of the notorious telling bizarre and captivating tales from the underworld, we tell the stories of kingpins and Queen pins like freeway Rick Ross, Frank Lucas and queenie Saint Clair along the way we will profile the outrageous people in skewed relationships behind organized crime, the individuals that they'd kill our other mobsters. And that's how you take care of Justice. A lot of good neighbors that he lives, and I'm going to break him to venison. I got a sneak peek at the first episode, and I have to say, I found it fascinating. It's also a bit terrifying. These are some scary people definitely a bit terrifying. But also informative. I can't wait to hear more episodes, new episodes come out every Friday. So don't wait. Subscribe to kingpins now wherever you listen to podcasts..

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