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I'm Madonna here today at the White House. After decades of division and conflict, we marked the dawn of a new Middle East President. Trump presided over the signing of agreements between Israel and two Arab nations, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain. These agreements prove that the nations of the region are breaking free from the failed Approaches of the past. Today, signing sets history on a new course and there will be other countries very, very soon that will follow the agreements do not address the decades long Israeli Palestinian conflict. The Bahrain and other Arab countries support the Palestinians. Alabama Governor Kay Ivey is telling people along the Gulf Coast who get out Hurricane Sally is expected to reach land late tonight or early tomorrow. We're looking at record flooding. Perhaps breaking historic levels. And with a rising water comes a greater risk for loss of property and life. Forecasters aren't sure yet where Sally will reach land, either the Alabama or Mississippi Coast. Hurricane warning stretch from east of Bay ST Louis, Mississippi to Navarre, Florida scientists say wearily from dangerous air spewing from massive wildfires across the West won't come until later in the week or beyond. The city of Louisville, Kentucky, will pay millions to the mother, Briana Taylor and Reform police practices as part of a lawsuit settlement months after Taylor's death by police. Election clerks in Wisconsin are rushing to male absentee ballots less than 24 hours after the state Supreme Court lifted it's temporary freeze on sending them while it considered a legal challenge. Joe Biden is making his first trip to Florida as the Democratic presidential nominee with an urgent mission to build support among Latinos who could decide the election and one of the nation's fiercest battle ground states. Florida is a state where elections are often decided by a percentage point. This is AP News The Pew Research Center says the U. S handling of the Corona virus is hurting its international reputation in some of the 13 countries surveyed favorable views of the US who've fallen to record lows. You started polling on the topic nearly two decades ago. Although the international image of the U. S has bean in decline since President Donald Trump took office in 2017, Pew found that it's being dented further by what is perceived to be a badly handled response to the pandemic. Researchers found that immediate of just 15% of respondents say the U. S. Has done a good job during the crisis, in contrast to perceptions around the World Health Organization or the European Union, both of which enjoy it majority approval. Charles Ledesma. London, Germany recorded three more corona virus infections and people who frequented bars visited by an American woman suspected of disregarding quarantine rules in Alpine resort. I'm Ed Donahue. AP News Thank you.

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