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The purview of bangladesh did you know that will utilise this radio program brought on by 19 listeners in bangladesh throwing acid in a woman's face was standard operating procedure if she wasn't covered for face was uncovered and that islamic hellhole bangladesh where georgia refused to love to go over there and play the sitar uh now in london though says right here the saw house commons a recent house cameras the english house of commons revealed that the united kingdom capital as london has more acid attacks per capita than any city in the world now why is that because they have more islamists coming in and now have an islamic mayor mm scary stuff now you gullit wanted to have you with us rottweiler hey wha wha what times the game what does it have to do with us this is your world bay this is the world of the progressive fancies themselves to be real smart biggest murder now their world has with this the world we're trying to resist here we the thinking of trying to do a resist that i'm glad you're one of my nineteen listeners near led the we've thinking again we're going to prevail might not be tomorrow we will prevail resistance is not future ooh aiden.

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