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I know what I'm talking about when I come on the show the next morning, So that's why I'm up in on the Islanders. That's the only reason because it's a professional duty of mind to be able to sit there and watch and watch them beat down the Flyers, which you know, I will say gave me Ah ah lot of A lot of happiness because I can't stand the fliers as you know that and you know, watching. You know a former ranger Kevin Hayes on a breakaway. And then, of course, the park comes office stick, and he can't score and watching Ryan McDonald the other night, give a puck up in his own zone and end up in the back of his own net. No, I've seen a lot of these things before in different ways. But I have to say that Simeon Varlamov office is unbelievable. He's hasn't given up a goal in 50 straight shots, 136 minutes and 20 seconds. I believe so Hee's side but I think 39 seconds behind. Billy Smith's record for the Islanders in terms of not giving a pickle in terms of time. So in the second period last night, he was great. In the first period. You saw what the Islanders do. Two opposing teams Stay four checked the hell out of him. They forced turnovers. They get a ton of shots. They offense, I think is definitely so much better than it was last year simply because you have a number of young guys that have finally figured it out. And they still play the defense of brand of hockey that Lulu Amarillo and Barry Trotz like the play, But when you have a hot goalie, we always say it always Khun Steel, serious goalie, skin Steel games. I think last night in a second period, especially Seven. Varlamov was unbelievable. He was great. He really was any outplayed Carter Heart who's one of the bright young goalies in the pretty darn good himself. Us. He waas. So it was. You know, the interesting thing is watching. You know this game. Just it was Islander hockey at its finest one. When they're playing the way that they're playing, the secretary wasn't their greatest period. Their first in their third period was exactly who they've been pretty much you know, all year. You know, they had a little bit of a losing streak going into the break, but now they're all healthy and they have some pretty good guys. They're sitting out. Games right now and being replaced, you know, by guys like Annie Green, who had his first goal in the playoffs last year, and that was a great pickup by Lulu Amarillo in the off season, But Johnny Boy, Chuck Is sitting out and he can't get back on the ice, and that just tells you about the depth that they have in the health that they have and the way that they played last night, So they played great. And Matt did have a couple really good chances and usually has a couple chances of game you know, and he Casey and cow and of course, they're double shifting Padua times to get two centers on the ice with Casey and sometimes that eats into Matt's ice time. But I don't hear any complaint and long as they keep one in May, when it was going to follow the coach. They're gonna follow through like a bring a fire If they have to. No doubt Pageau scores a goal last night as well. And it's cool. You know your your granddaughters. Dad is on the ice, So we expect you to be all up in on that and you should be. It's fun. And you know what they want to be a cop leveraging the Griner part right? I won't do that again. But the point is, we understand why you'd be watching these games. You love hockey and your son in law's on the ice. Rangers are out. So you know what? Where you going first overall in the draft coming up, I understand, But I think so. You know that, okay? And and our time is coming. I think it's fine for you to root for this team away. Whoa! And rightly so. I'm not sure what that what with the road, the worst son in law stop Stop saying route. Don't say that. That's not true. I'm just I am trying to be professionally objective and try are, you know just tryingto Teo. Look at this. As you know, as a hockey fan. That's how I look at this. You look at it any way you want your son in law's on the ice. The wind s O there now, so they handle the capital's They take the first game from the flyer so all good. And seriously, you want calls it on that. Let's do it because the others look like a really good hockey team right now, and it's coming together for them at the right time, but still a long way to go there. There is some other really other good hockey teams out for sure. The Bruins being one a long way to go, the Vegas cold, the nights being one of them. And then, of course, the Dallas stars who are just absolutely taken apart. The Colorado Avalanche. They wanna get ran through. Ah, the the Arizona Coyotes like a like a high school team. Right. So there you got the hockey and again we'll take your calls more than happy to do that today. Also, the baseball sorted itself out yesterday, and you know if you're a fan, I said this before, or maybe right after six o'clock. This is going to be a month where you're gonna have more baseball than you know what to do it now. I like Al's idea. Let's go for five games in one day really knocked him out. That's Al's idea. That was Al's idea or something because it looks bad. The weather wise does not look great today in the area and now I don't know that I saw that, but we'll see. He told me it's going to rain between two and eight PM Which could make this met double header into a single game. Who knows?.

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