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Has a certain special something that i feel will really benefit certain franchises and not so much others i think zero being a racing game there's not much there that retro can add to unless they also added a i don't know some type of rpg elementary some type of the others style of game play to add to the raising experience which now i'm kind of excited myself the in about but the un's reverse about earthbound i'd i think that could work i don't know that that's what i want retro to be doing retro brought donkey kong country back and did it better than it ever was and i i'm very impressed with that owner richard took metro a an amazing tutte series and brought into three d in a way that i can't think of any other franchise besides mario being done that well more i mean i guess zelda zelda mario metre mean all three of them were perfect transition and i think that the un and tendered taking the and sixty four era off off with metro i'd really benefit them because they were like all right let's not just do metro wide in three d let's rethink about a and what is the experience of a twoday measured game what was the writing in the i think the first person shooter adventure game merely really benefited that but then them going back during the two donkey kagame's was interesting because it was dow was just the old school game play just made by real fans the grew up with data like we're going to do it even better and the dead.

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