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Giving them i forget who were the leads in those like vanessa hudgens vanessa hudgens that's right julianne huff and yes it's like i don't want to watch musical about the worst generation laterally were like poisoned the world and we're like your we go spots i don't know that those resource were or the pink they seem to be alternative worst the worst hippies turned into the fuck exhaust hippies i'm just saying the freedom people the people the outsiders they turn into the fucking corporate lawyer this movie here do you like the skirt why can't i fully get on board with that it might be because you're right but at all can't do it no but i think it's just because i think of like my dad's a boomer and he agrees with me i think you're right there's a lot of zinc of like diane keaton yeah baby boom she baby babyboomer let's talk about heather's because that's youtube both wrote on that let's be clear you're responsible for the entire show took the helm it was everyone else was second in command just say i've seen a few of it in every episode gets better and better and better and better and it starts off fantastic thank you well i was going to say that the we are lake it's was like a dream is a dream job and obviously jason mcauliffe is the mastermind and he hired us but he was such a generous bossy let us like do the craziest ideas the craziest jokes he let us it was just a really a real pleasure but the show itself the first episode is essentially like here's what the movie would be like like updated to twenty eighteen of the same plot beats and stuff and i think a lot of people saw that and really.

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