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Watson e yeah i think that's i mean that's often the perspective that you get on a show story because i think it makes most sense to sort of see it from the more reliable person although the games the show games always have you which i don't get because all all the books are pretty much written from the perspective of of you know there is eve. John wrote the monday mostly. Like what's in writing. Yeah which to me so much. More sense because chile is just not. You can't be like someone that smart. You got to work with someone he as well. It's i mean it's hard to play that character because the to'smart to actually be kind of effectively played so look we have an opportunity. We have an opportunity here to to name these characters character. What is this. Who are the shilla times in the john watson of the outback. All regional australia woman's go to the basil dolls. That was what it was in my head. bassa clarkston. Yep that that's you john watson character. I think you play basil a clocks in who who is working for and sort of friends with the very clever crime selva of sheila. I'm looking sheila caravan. This sheila jacker chile january. There we go. I was thinking of homes house somewhere else that you know i did. I did i. Did maybe try to go for. A seamless sanding. I couldn't take sheila jacket. Or yeah. I love and embezzled clocks his trusty sidekick so what sort of grind. She's living. what does she is. She interested in that she's gonna decide to because yes the is it the ifa or is it just like the low level like local police a lot. The idea that it's sort of like the afc of coming to help the local police like writing series of grizzly motors. Con of the You know wolf creek. You know some of ivan mellat so these tourists have been going missing I think that rock for for someone really smart to come in and analyze the scenes and every allies that it the normal sort of serial killer that going up against this. This person's very smart. They're covering their tracks the Well i mean she has to have a yet. Does that come through in this first. Big case i think it's one of the things that you know. We we keep humour yachties of behind the scenes. All is yeah. Yeah three full cases down you realize. It's all connected. Yep yep love it love it. So i sorta classic like the arms race and show. Thanks good i. I haven't played a lot of them. But from what i've played i replied played a little bit of like devil's daughter or something. And then today the most of one of the other ones actually on maybe on books. Yeah i was. I was close to studying. Went up a lot of crimes and punishments the two thousand fourteen one. I think i've played some of that on on..

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