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And bringing ideas in people's work and your own work to fruition and have that energy behind you and then all the sudden that's taken away forever it's a blow but only run Shetler says he felt he had no choice but to close the enormous weight of finances required to put everything on hold in the fact that everything that we do in the studios can't be done under the confines of the covert pandemic protocols and that the entertainment world will be the last open up again that made the decision quite eminent I didn't want to stick my head in the sand and just deny what was going on again producer Robert Schneider it's very hard for me because the beginning of my career in the city was all done a chopper I practically lived a gentler and now I'm gonna have to find a new home but those memories I would not trade for anything for NPR news I'm Jeff Lunden in New York and this is morning edition from NPR news I'm David Greene and I'm Rachel Martin you're listening to morning edition on KCRW support comes from crane country day school where second graders can explore the immigration stories of families from eighteen different cultures fourth graders can experience the rush of California history by panning for gold and seventh graders can develop an independent study project ranging from shaping a surfboard to investigating planetary motion with the support of an expert mentor let's just Tuesday in school grades kindergarten through eighth where Riker meets Joel have you ever had a friend who you thought should live their life differently than they do I have a friend like that his name is Danny you seem like you're a lot better at like you know exacting things than I am I'm David Weinberg and Danny's story kicks off season two of.

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