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Because. Saw put the emphasis on sitting that in practice. And A. Practice ceremony or each office. but he studies Dorgan's teaching very deeply. And in Japan, people who Neil? What we practice on the sitting under studying Dogan they. People knew these aggregated. So if people want to. Study Oh a practice, such indenture. They could go other tempers. Yes, right, so it's. So it's not a complete to. How can I say contradicted I mean. She's Tim. RUSSA's time you. Yes, and then what about Zan style like I hear this opium style of Zen practice and win this like sitting, described as just sitting in much more. It can they be different styles of just sitting? I think basically. The same based on dog and teaching Yeah Yeah. You know as I, said Fan. He became a monk with is. The various. Strict session. Yes, and he's after three years of experience of that kind of decision he found. That is not meaningful. To to tweak too strict. He said other living beings. We need thirteen. Amount of sweep. Yes other. Why do we become We experienced kind of abnormal era mentality. Yes, yes, too much strain I saw she decided to sleep seven hours. Okay so after. This? Started his own steidl session. WE SEPT Seventeen fourteen hours fourteen period from four in the morning until nine in the evening, so we have seven hours of sleep, and who and what January thought, that is enough so we have no excuse to three. Maybe a bigger stick. Biggest! On the order, so she quit using Kosaka or he did okay so. She didn't use use Kazakh. Eighteen. Stick. He felt that wasn't helpful to the practice he. said that a kind of hindrance hindrance. Yeah, because someone is walking behind people sitting somehow. People sitting and people walking around. talk. Talk! I mean site into Lee silently. Yeah, you're talking silently. Yeah I imagined for me. It would be a worry in my mind. Maybe a big distraction data. Destruction and indolence to be Daddy Jesse. Yes, yeah. And then also og, as in is being called session without toys site. So, what does what does that mean? That means Other kind of says she not other races. They have morning. ZOMBIES in not ten. Just formulas. Is Kink. And Digested extra and appeared on time on doors various things. Yes, so for whichever studies disruption. Thought that toys toys. Yes Yup. So it is, it is really just practice. Just sitting, just sitting three times eating seven hours sleep repeat. This is the..

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