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Four A podcast You know all of that is absolutely fine and Dandy but the the lowest hanging fruit to advertise podcast listeners. About what other podcasts. It costs they could also go and have a listen to like that chat to some fellow podcasts. About that and we should And that's one of the benefits of Parkas network. Work of course is that you can actually do that through throughout your network all one of the other things you know so the ABC has got together with the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation the CBC and regularly to cross promotions and that's both cross promotions of trails and cross promotions of actual full episodes. It's so that you end up hearing different. PODCAST that your trusted guide is recommending you And that to me makes so much sense. And that's what you know. Radio has always excelled in and what podcasting is always held in terms of advertising. Why don't we do that in terms of great podcasts? That we love as well yeah. I really liked that. I think this is GonNa be all sorts of efforts but I think little things like that Going to be very useful. And you've got me intrigued now about your actual talk ause. Pardon wondering where that's going to be recorded I Mike is in the past. Those pulled their record certain talks and I like watching them hunt. Yes I hope. They are recording them. I think that they are I think that they are. They're not streaming. It live but I think think they're recording it but in any case If you do a search pod news on that for us pot or one word Then you will find mytalk By the time you're listening to this I will have posted it on pod. News There may not be but we'll certainly be all of the slides and everything else because I Yeah I'm going to be heading to Japan so Japan is a is a different and very foreign place. It's a we play. Remember they can use that as like yet. The fill out this travel before and after Japan. Yes it's just such a strange strange strange place where this is sort of a third time now in the space of two years. We've actually gone quite a few interviews going on there as well so it should be very interesting before we get into some rapid fire questions to finish off. I guess I was curious as to what is what is the business model of James Cridland. The futurologists troll adjusts the radio future is just Radna Even though I now use being that that that Load Calvin Incident and Hal Being dubbed Defeat Urologist PESCI PESCI is not the best of things the only reason why call myself a radio. Futurologists as I am a fairly often say is if you can print your own business cards. You can literally really call yourself anything when you worked. When I worked for the BBC it turned out the way that you printed business cards there as you went onto onto their intranet? And you literally you'll give them a form and you typed out in the form what you wanted your business cards to say. And then they turned up and I was there thinking this is tremendous in discussing. I myself down as anything managing director of the world. This is the role now. I just put my boring bring title wondering if you will ridiculous long title as well. It was longer than longer than the business card. What does does she look like for the futurologists? Well so I think the world of radio which used to be the thing that I worked in has changed phenomenally over the last couple of years so it's very much changed from being a lot of different companies to being you know one of two or three companies in every country They run all of the radio. Stations So what typically you end up with then then. Is You end up with the world of a consultant who goes in and helps radio companies. Either you'll really really big and you'll really good and you go in and you help one of the top three companies Or you have to choose from You know you you go in like for example like me. I will sue southern Cross Stereo at want to hear from me because they have really good people who know what the future is in their programming for that. And I may may or may not agree with that. But that's all fine whereas you've then got very much watch smaller broadcasters. That don't really know what the future is going to be. But also they can't do much in any case they probably can't afford me so so you've got the sort of If you look of the Ven Diagram of potential clients that Ven Diagram is quite small for any consultant in any role by way but it but particularly when you have a look at. How media has consolidated so? I Love Radio. I'm not going to wave radio goodbye. But certainly in terms of where the future is clearly for independent producers for For where you know opportunities. Aw there are clear opportunities in the podcast space. That is I think what I'm very excited about it. If you look at podcasting is is that the wrong the gatekeepers the aren't they southern cross the stereos and the winds And the Nova Entertainment's of this world Who Basically in charge of the transmitters. And they're the people stopping you from getting as far as that anybody literally anybody can do a podcast. I can get it onto the same platform that the ABC Iran and the you know CBS or on the New York Times and that is tremendously exciting thing and virtually unique in the world of media You're so tremendously exciting place because it means literally anybody can compete with anybody else. And that's why I don't think that radio understands and if radio do understand that so iheart radio for example kind of understand this time out which is why they're trying to get people to use their own APP rather than Apples are poor overcast. Pocket costs because they can control their own APP But my suspicion is that people are the genie's out the bottle here. People are a bit more savvy now in terms of off Understanding that they can get old of the great podcasts that they really enjoy by not going down proprietary solution and actually actually going for something which is open which Headley Apple is Because if you think about it. That's a really weird thing for apple to be as open as it currently is exactly but you've also got you know obviously anybody that consumes RSS feeds Has Access to all of this stuff. It's such a valuable point. I mean we've had that with a PRI- guest Looking Lewis that look show on Fox. there on Sundays and they moved to weeknights then. They went back two Sundays and basically that would cause the COMEDIANS. And the Mattel. Well you've got to go to Shepperton to breakfast or This is what you have to do until like you know whoever's on drivable breakfast here locally which we've got a contract with them for three years and so they'll the writing radio network was like well. Obviously you're going to pick US right and they're like well at the united they oversee left and night just laughing like why would we do that and so now. They've said they were in Charlotte doing a little better because they they have the audience direct access to advertisers Well but this is. This is one of the difficulties. I think that radio has in that if you are young talent with some really good ideas about what you can do then either you go to a radio station who will take all of your intellectual property who will control it. Who will do all of these kinds of things or you can turn around and go? I'm going to do it myself. And I'm going to do something on youtube or do something on podcasting and by the way the most popular place where Germans consume. podcast is youtube so So it's probably both so go to as many of these places you possibly can And do do your do your stick there rather than go to a gatekeeper because the gatekeeper might be able to give you a bit of audience as is radio companies and TV companies can but they are also very creative controlling and also that you build a real audience like yeah. I noticed that and you get direct fade back from the audience like yeah. I've noticed the difference between people who come from a mainstream media background and interviewing them and an and the lack of response in their episode into someone say incapacity like yourself or the Lucan list of the world who actually have an engaged audience. It's in their respective radio. Say you know I mean I So when I was on on the radio a long long time ago I used to. I did this whole thing of of It's it's the tenth of March just eight days until my birthday If you haven't bought me a birthday present still time. Here's the address to send it to. Oh you know you're taking the Piss but I thought you know this might be a way of getting some free stuff and it was an people sent me free stuff but then the next the year I just handed in my resignation. I wasn't going to keep my contract going. I didn't know whether or not it's still be on the air on my birthdays. Today's didn't mention it at all. Now this is one thousand nine hundred four so this is way back in the days when we didn't have electronic diaries or anything like like that. In nineteen ninety four people would have copied one diary into another diary and I go in On the day of my birthday to my show trump still doing a went to have a look at my at my post box in the in the In the station to see if I've got any post and my hand got some post. I'd got four birthday cards to listeners. Four birthday cards from people that had never met me and the only connection they had with me me was. I was the guy who was beige. Who was saying this is the you know? This is That was you're listening to this radio station You know here's as the time. Here's another three in a row and literally that was the only Connection they had but they felt connected enough to copy from one. Dari sorry to a next when my birthday was and to then spent three quit in buying a card and sending something in and you suddenly realize audio radio and its audience not radiates audio can do so much. Because it's such an intimate medium. The big difference by the way between radio and podcasting is radio fifty percent of people listening with other people. So when you're listening to the radio typically you're probably you know one out of two of us are listening with other people for podcasting. That number is ninety percent listening alone so virtually everybody. Who's listening thing to this? What have anybody else in? The car won't have anybody else in the house Who's listening to this? which by the way is why Kost do very well on the smart speakers Because that piping this sound into their ears and they're listening in really really intimate way and they are actually listening as opposed to the radio..

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