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It is june the twenty third two thousand eighteen i'm stephanie davis for wwe j newsradio nine wholesome damp weather expected in the detroit area early this morning we'll have showers and thunderstorms later today the complete accurate forecast coming up still seeing some of that drizzle out there sixty seven degrees at city airport we will check traffic and weather together just ahead at twelve o eight ww j news time twelve oh six michigan congresswoman brenda lawrence is heading to the us mexico border in texas this weekend her visit comes days after president trump signed an executive order ending the family separation order she says republican lawmakers are derailing immigration reform immigration plan that was jess pulled and no one voted on it it has not gone to single committee that involved democrats there has been not discussion with democratic leadership it has been solely on the republican side they made the decision not to bring it to the floor where they have the majority vote there are republicans who are not in support of this immigration plan lawrence also says she is frustrated by reports that suggest that democrats are derailing immigration reform separating families in ohio man is on the run after allegedly beating a lake orien resident with a baseball bat had happened just before four o'clock friday morning as the suspect who's from the cincinnati area was abandoned by his group of friends earlier this week the victim took the man in to help him with a place to stay until he could make arrangements to get back to ohio the homeowner was salted now listed in serious condition the suspect has been identified as forty one year old mark raynier the second who goes by the name prince police say he may approach people for money and a place to stay he is not believed to be armed but should be considered dangerous w w j news time twelve oh eight it is time for traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the aids from the idol dom motor group traffic center brought.

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