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Back back grown you gave me more matt leaked in the last hour thanks to take you chat with always love that segment scott scott leveller water what us cochief become i mean cal academy co the college football michigan football to be very very good to him so he's got to feel good about that and that's great love that dc yeah you know yeah no it was great because i re i remember that those were those were my days when i was running around this campus as a student and i was fortunate enough to have a close relationship gained to come to some football practices being around the program he was always the guy that was known as the open calmer oh yeah it's like to keep says this guy was i mean you i mean he could play in that's the thing is i didn't even know i just always knew him as as the quarterbacks coach year i didn't you know i knew that he had played here at michigan i didn't realize that you know like t q saying that he he could have been the guy after collins mine is that minus that shoulder but just knowing how good of a quarterbacks coach he was the job that he did i mean i i i believe it i can understand i mean he he had such a an intimate knowledge of the game like you said if you're a new coach and you're you're having little kinda teteatetes with potion back looney and you know to have the confidence to go in there and to to ask the to have those kinds of things showed what kind of moxie he had as as a person as as a coach and anybody who's been around him whether it was here of michigan our virginia taecker now a boston college the they know that he is a a bright football mind and has got a bright future don't forget florida he was down owing a huge lauded air you we have just opened up the phones seven three four nine any 1050 whatever you'd like to talk about i mean you know we talk about michigan basketball michigan hockey michigan you know you know wrestling won the other day just wanted to let you know the.

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