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More on these stories in just minutes It's 8 18 Time now for traffic With Carlos Ramirez Thank you so very much I want to start off with the delays we're seeing on the westbound span of the bay bridge Now they look significantly better than even just a few moments ago but Ryan at about halfway across the span you're going to slow down just a little bit more than you were a few moments ago And as you continue over towards cape saint Clair road by the time your past came saint Claire wrote I'd rather you're going to be completely up to speed So not to worry He's found side of the bay bridge looks good Got your standard traffic patterns two lanes take the eastbound 50 otherwise headed towards the beltway looking pretty good BW Parkway northbound up to speed no longer seeing any issues after one 93 you're looking great on the BW Parkway all the way up towards the Baltimore beltway I 95 looks good as well in either direction I two 70 very quiet no issues up towards the Frederick area And if you're doing any traveling this afternoon this evening on I 70 it's a little slow as you head up to Ortega's town but no accident scenes being reported Down in Virginia of course 66 is looking pretty great not seeing a work zone not seeing any delays right down from an asset to the pelt way inner loop looks good So does the outer loop add it over towards the Wilson bridge I 95 in Virginia It's always worth mentioning a little slow on the northbound side between 17 and up towards the centerport Parkway but no crash is being reported and the southbound side is a little slow As you head over towards one 23 is your Internet provider holding you back while switch to the one who keeps you moving forward Switch to Cox's business stay at Cox business dot com Carlos Ramirez WTO traffic Now to storm team fours Steve prince of valley This evening there could still be a shower thunderstorm in a few communities otherwise just mostly cloudy skies will do it with readings in the upper 70s or so Later tonight.

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