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Thirty one year old country Costa county woman badly injured in a crash when the county transit band hit her has received a thirteen million dollar settlement lawyers for the women say they settled with the eastern Contra Costa transit authority the county and the van driver they say the woman suffered major brain injuries and is now a quadriplegic because of the twenty sixteen to twenty sixteen accident in a crosswalk the Modesto man convicted of killing his pregnant wife and two thousand four wants his conviction reversed an attorney for Scott Peterson argued before the Supreme Court in the state that his client did not get a fair trial Peterson has been on death row at San Quentin prison since two thousand five redwood city jury convicted him of killing his wife laci after a six month trial her body was found in the Berkeley marina and San Francisco's presidio is announcing street closers to help people get out and exercise during the pandemic select roads will be closed from Saturday until the end of June twenty four hours a day seven days a week the presidio slow streets initiative is similar to the city's.

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