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Fourche way good to see patients like you all the time your patients who were so the rejects of a conventional medicine uh you know it's good that you went to budge against her neurologist because he pearl had every conceivable tests to rule on every conceivable type of problem it on of all serbs who don't have gastritis uh you don't have all sort of colitis owes disease you don't down in your even alba gall bladder anymore and so they don't really know what's going on where's the pain located the need my rib cage but as the day progresses the pain just grade through my whole stomach uh so stomach is like upper right it's not so much lower rate below your belly biden it's more in the uh of the nato mid to upper lord higher via okay yeah so uh we'll in the course of all your visits to these doctors of they suggested he died modifications uh wind doctor recommended food diana accounts right than to lie low fog mab diet okay so witty change with a diet did you really stick to a now you've had made a difference issued dan didn't notice any change and then i try gwen vegan thinking maybe that would help you a theory an animal and that didn't do anything either do they test you for assault the gold cbo small intestine bacterial overgrowth today heavy breathing new bag and that the uh analyze the specimen no okay because that's that's a frequent cause of gi i distress and it your benny gastroenterologist they're doing that tests no kind of surprised they didn't do it it's a test that we do for patients with unexplained gastrointestinal problems she will happen is sometimes you will have uh overgrowth of of harmful bacteria that proliferate in a you're small intestine small intestine supposed to have some back to your but not that many large intestines were most the bacteria resided in what happened sometimes as the bacteria just travel upstream to your small incessantly proliferate their decreed a lotta great deal of uh furhman's haitian pressure gasp loading are you belching you of diarrhoea you have constipation any of those i do have dairying hunt had paid hennick hang nick depth all yes we have a form of i.

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